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What is Plagiarism?
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What is Fair Use?
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Congratulations! You have finished the last unit of the Research 101 tutorial. You should now have:

A basic understanding of the Internet and can distinguish scholarly from popular communication, and primary from secondary sources.

A general picture of the information world within which research takes place and the differences among some important information sources.

Selected a topic, generated a research question, and selected key concepts and terms to use when you search for information.

A basic understanding of databases, field searching, logical operators and related strategies, and have executed at least one search for information.

Learned how to read citations and use them to find information sources.

Developed criteria for evaluating your search strategy and information sources.

An understanding of plagiarism, how to avoid it, and why this is important.

Learned how to cite many types of information sources in your research.

A basic understanding of intellectual property, copyright, and fair use.

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