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Publications of one or more volumes bound between 2 covers, books can take several years to create and are not published on a regular schedule. Books often require a proposal, research, reflection, synthesis, editing, revision, and printing. Popular books (e.g. unauthorized celebrity biographies) can be rushed into production because they often aren't carefully researched and represent a quick profit.


  • Broad overviews of topics (text books are especially good for this)
  • Long enough to explore more ideas in more depth
  • Scholary books contain bibliographies which can be helpful for starting research and finding more information


  • You will not find coverage of the latest events in books
  • Take longer to read than articles
  • Essay collections on a broad theme may contain an essay on your topic that is not directly indicated by the book's title -- you may need to think more broadly
  • Popular books are often not well-researched, but may give you ideas
  • Target audience: General public, scholars, or professionals in disciplines

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