Persistent Links (Permalinks) to Articles

In some library databases the address in the browser window is dynamic or contains a session ID.  Linking or returning to the address may not work.

A persistent link (or "permalink") is a permanent, stable web address for an article.

Important!  Persistent links must begin with the George Fox University proxy address to ensure they will be accessible from off-campus. 

GFU Proxy

Prepend all article URLs with:

To identify or generate the persistent link for an article, locate the vendor for the database in the list below, click on the link and follow the directions.

Vendor Notes Screenshot Persistent Link Example
ACS Publications Copy page address, prepend GFU proxy
Cambridge Online Copy the "DOI" link, prepend GFU proxy
EBSCO View article record; select "Permalink" icon in the right sidebar; copy permalink
Elsevier Copy page address, prepend GFU proxy
Gale URL is at the bottom of the page
JSTOR Copy "Stable URL", prepend GFU proxy


Navigate to PDF of article and copy page address; prepend GFU proxy
ProQuest On article record, select the "Abstract/Details" tab; scroll to bottom and copy the Document URL
Sage Copy Full Text PDF link, prepend GFU proxy
Springer Copy article record link, prepend GFU proxy
Taylor and Francis Copy article record link, prepend GFU proxy
Wiley Copy PDF link, prepend GFU proxy