About QR Codes

What is a QR Code?

In simple terms a QR or Quick Response Code is a type of barcode. If your mobile device has a QR Code Reader application installed you can scan or take a picture of QR codes and they will link your device to a webpage or specific content. It could take you to a featured artist's site, an online room reservation form, a book review, film trailer, online information about a specific journal, etc. Scanning a QR Code and storing or accessing data directly using your mobile device is more efficient and convenient than writing information down or typing URLs into your mobile device.

What do you need to start using QR Codes?

To read QR Codes your will need a handheld device with a camera, web browser, and QR Code reader software (an app) - Search your phones "App store" for "QR" or "barcode" to find options or choose from these options:

Scanning a QR Code

Now try it!

Scan this QR Code to go to the George Fox Mobile Library site. Look for QR Codes at George Fox Libraries with more to come!

QR Code to library's mobile website