Finding full-text articles in databases

Many of the databases contain articles in full-text; however, a full-text database does not mean that everything in the database is available in full-text.  Some of the entries may only provide a citation or a citation and an abstract.

If an article is not full-text in one database you may be able to find it full-text in another database.

Look for links like:

  • "Check for full-text"
  • "See more details for locating this item"
  • "Find full-text"
  • "Link to article"

By selecting links like those listed above you are enabling our WebBridge link resolver to connect you from the article citation to the article in full-text in one of our other resources.


Here are a few screenshots, look to find the links that were described above and you will be able to begin to be able to quickly identify and use our "link to full-text" service.  (For a PC use Control and the "+" sign to magnify, for a Mac use Command and the "+" sign to magnify.)

Full-text screenshot 

Full-text screenshot 

Full-text screenshot 

Full-text screenshot 

If the article is available in full-text you will see a screen showing you where it can be found, either in another database or in the library’s print holdings or both.  Here is an example…

Full-text screenshot

If the article is not available you will see a screen that gives you the option of ordering that article through Interlibrary Loan.  Here is an example…

WebBridge screenshot 

Whenever an article is not available in full-text you may request it through our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) services.

Our ILL services are easy to use and documents typically only take 24-48 business hours to arrive.  We have a tutorial for using ILL services if you need more information.