Economics Research Guide


ABI Inform
Business database with full‐text journals, trade publications, dissertations, conference proceedings and market reports.

Business Economics & Theory

Conference Board
Hundreds of great reports from the producers of the Consumer Confidence Index and Leading Economic Indicators.

Related databases

Business Source Complete

Academic Search Premier

Academic Onefile

CQ (Congressional Quarterly) Researcher 

Lexis Nexis Academic
News, business, and legal information, entirely full text.

Mergent Online
In-depth business and financial research.

New York Times (current)
(Archival content from 1851 to 4 years ago is available in Proquest Historical Newspapers)

Wall Street Journal

Oregonian (access through Lexis Nexis)

Huge database of older journal articles.

Oxford Business Handbooks Online

Oxford Reference Online: Premium Collection
Dozens of Oxford reference books in full text.

Credo Reference (e-books)

Finding books

By subject search

Below are some links to various subject searches in Primo. 

By call number

If you want to browse for books in the library, use the call numbers below to find the subject areas that are of interest to you. You can use them to browse the reference section or the main stacks. The Library of Congress website may have a more detailed outline of call numbers for your subject area.

Subclass HA  
HA1-4737 Statistics
HA29-32 Theory and method of social science statistics
HA36-37 Statistical services. Statistical bureaus
HA38-39 Registration of vital events.
HA154-4737 Statistical data
HA154-155 Universal statistics
HA175-473 By region or country
Subclass HB  
HB1-3840 Economic theory. Demography
HB71-74 Economics as a science. Relation to other
HB75-130 History of economics.
HB131-147 Methodology
HB135-147 Mathematical economics. Quantitative methods
HB201-206 Value. Utility
HB221-236 Price
HB238-251 Competition. Production. Wealth
HB501 Capital. Capitalism
HB522-715 Income. Factor shares
HB535-551 Interest
HB601 Profit
HB615-715 Entrepreneurship. Risk and uncertainty.
HB801-843 Consumption. Demand
HB846-846.8 Welfare theory
HB848-3697 Demography. Population. Vital events
HB3711-3840 Business cycles. Economic fluctuations
Subclass HC  
HC10-1085 Economic history and conditions
HC79 Special topics