English Research Guide



American Writers Collection
Biographical and critical essays on the work of important American writers

British Writers
Critical and biographical analysis of writers of British, Irish, and Commonwealth literature from the 14th-century-present.

Something About the Author *
Provides comprehensive online access to all volumes of Gale's award-wining reference set, Something About the Author (the main series), and Something About the Author: Autobiography Series.

Book Reviews

Book Review Digest Plus
More than 1.3 million reviews on more than 550,000 books.  Updated daily with retrospective coverage back to 1983.

Essay/Research Paper Resources

Academic Search Premier
The world's largest scholarly, multidiscipline, full-text database designed specifically for academic institutions. Contains indexing and abstracts for over 8,450 journals, with full text for more than 4,600 of those titles. Over 500 journals are related to literature.

CQ Researcher
Offers in-depth, non-biased coverage of political and social issues, with regular reports on topics in health, international affairs, education, the environment, technology and the U.S. economy. Can be read in its entirety or by section, which includes a background and chronology; an assessment of the current situation; tables and maps; pro/con statements from representatives of opposing positions; and bibliographies of key sources.

Google Scholar
Use this link to have Google Scholar recognize you as a George Fox user, and link you to our full text subscriptions. Google Scholar indexes a broad array of scholarly literature.

LexisNexis Academic.
Comprehensive news, business, and legal information, entirely full-text.

Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center
Covers current hot social issues, such as Terrorism, Endangered Species, Stem Cell Research and Gun Control. Provides pro and con viewpoint articles, reference articles that provide context, full-text magazines, academic journals, and newspapers, primary source documents, government and organizational statistics, multimedia including images and podcasts, links to hand-selected web sites, and more.


America: History and Life
Historical coverage of the United States and Canada from prehistory to the present.

Cambridge Journals Online
Cambridge is a full text database which includes prominent journals about language, linguistics, and Victorian as well as other areas of literature.

Communication and Mass Media Complete
CMMC contains full text journals in the subject areas of journalism, rhetoric, linguistics, and literature. In addition, the database contains over 3,000 author profiles of scholars whose articles are included within the database.

International Medieval Bibliography
Multidisciplinary bibliography of Europe, North Africa, and the Near East in the Middle Ages, 300-1500.

A full-text archival database providing access to 88 journals in the fields of the language, literature, and folklore.

Literature Criticism Online
Includes the Gale print sets of Nineteenth-Century, Twentieth-Century, and Contemporary Criticism from 1971-2011 as well as the print set of Something about the Author from 1970-current. This is an extensive collection of scholarly and popular commentary from broadsheets, pamphlets, encyclopedias, books and periodicals.

Literature Online
Primary texts of over 350,000 literary works, with a number of key criticism and reference resources.

MLA Bibliography
This database indexes literature, languages, linguistics, and folklore from 4,400 journals and series worldwide.

Oxford Reference Online
Online collection of Oxford Reference resources including dictionaries and companions to many literary subjects.

Streaming Video

Globe on Screen
High definition videos of live performances of William Shakespeare's plays at the Globe Theatre in London.

Kanopy Video: Shakespeare
A collection of theatrical productions of Shakespeare's plays.


* - electronic resource

World Literature - Histories

Cambridge guide to teaching English to speakers of other languages *

Cambridge history of African and Caribbean literature (Vols. 1 and 2)  *

Cambridge history of American literature (Vols. 1-8) *

Cambridge history of Arabic literature *

Cambridge history of Classical literature *

Cambridge history of Early Christian literature *

Cambridge history of Early Modern English literature *

Cambridge history of English literature *

Cambridge history of English poetry *

Cambridge history of English Romantic literature *

Cambridge history of French literature *

Cambridge history of German literature *

Cambridge history of Irish literature *

Cambridge history of Latin American literature *

Cambridge history of Medieval English literature *

Cambridge history of Russian literature *

Cambridge history of Spanish literature *

Cambridge history of the American novel *

Concise encyclopedia of Latin American literature *

Continuum encyclopedia of British literature *

Encyclopedia of Latin American and Caribbean literature, 1900-2003 *

Encyclopedia of world literature in the 20th century

Oxford chronology of English literature

World Literature - Current

Concise encyclopedia of Latin American literature *

Continuum encyclopedia of British literature *

Hutchinson encyclopedia of literature *

Oxford encyclopedia of American literature

Reference guide to world literature

World literature and its times

Topical Encyclopedias

Cyclopedia of literary characters

Cyclopedia of world authors

Encyclopedia of American war literature *

Encyclopedia of postmodernism *

Encyclopedia of the novel

Encyclopedia of rhetoric

Facts on file encyclopedia of word and phrase origins

Shakespeare's theatre: a dictionary of his stage context *

Who's who in classical mythology *


Cambridge history of literary criticism *

Edinburgh encyclopaedia of modern criticism and theory *

Encyclopedia of literature and criticism *

Johns Hopkins guide to literary theory and criticism

Gender Theory

Cambridge guide to women's writing in English *

Encyclopedia of feminist literature

Encyclopedia of women and gender *

Feminist philosophies A-Z *

Gender and education: an encyclopedia *

History of feminist literary criticism *


Encyclopedia of American poetry

World poets

Children's Lit

Continuum encyclopedia of children's literature *

Oxford encyclopedia of children’s literature


Web resources

Literary site with access to reference sources like Bartlett’s Quotations and older classics in fiction, non-fiction and verse.

Internet Public Library: Literary Criticism
Links to critical and biographical sites for various authors and their works

Literary Resources on the Net
Maintained by Rutgers’, Jack Lynch, this is a collection of scholarly resources in English and American literature useful to academics.

Project Gutenberg
Electronic copies of many literary works and some sheet music in the public domain

Representative Poetry Online Project
From the University of Toronto, good poetry resources and an especially strong glossary of poetic terms

Voice of the Shuttle
Excellent gateway for scholarly English Literature resources maintained by Alan Liu, Professor of English University of California at Santa Barbara along with his development team

Writing and Research

Critical Evaluation of Resources

OWL – Online Writing Lab
Sponsored by Purdue University - online reference for scholarly writing

Literature Review Tutorials

Getting started on your literature review (The U. of New South Wales)

Conducting a literature review in education and the behavioral sciences (Adelphi University)

List of Literature Review Resources

Writing the literature review (Empire State College)

Grammar Resources

Elements of style (web resource)

University of Minnesota’s Online Grammar Handbook

C. S. Lewis Web Resources

C. S. Lewis Foundation
This is the website of the organization that is restoring the C. S. Lewis home ("The Kilns") in Oxford. It includes a concise timeline of Lewis' life and a thorough list of books by and about Lewis.

C. S. Lewis on War

The C. S. Lewis Reviews
This site is maintained by a respected Lewis scholar at Bowling Green State University. Good, reliable information not only on Lewis, but also on the other Inklings, especially J.R.R. Tolkien and Charles Williams.

Into the Wardrobe
This site is maintained by an amateur Lewis afficianado who lives in Seattle, Washington. It contains lots of interesting features. Check out the audio clips of Lewis reading from The Four Loves and the Photograph album. There are links to reviews of Shadowlands and other scholarly articles about Lewis.

This site is devoted exclusively to Lewis' great fantasy work, The Chronicles of Narnia. It includes detailed maps of Narnia as well as illustrations and descriptions of all the characters (humans, talking beasts, and mythological).

Professional organizations

Academy of American Poets
An organization dedicated to the support of poets at all stages of their careers

American Comparative Literature Association
A scholarly organization created to support cross-cultural literature and its study

American Folklore Society
Association of people who study and communicate knowledge about folklore throughout the world

American Humor Studies Association
The association goal is to foster and to promote study, criticism, and research in American humor

American Literature Association
An association created to support scholars in their study of individual authors

Association of Teachers of Technical Writing
Dedicated to supporting the professional development and skills of teachers of technical writing

Children’s Literature Association
The association is to encourage high standards of criticism, scholarship, research, and teaching in children's literature

Modern Language Association
MLA is dedicated to the study and teaching of language and literature. 

National Council of Teachers of English
Dedicating to the advancement of teaching, research, and student achievement in English language arts at all scholastic levels.

Finding books

By subject search

Below are some links to various subject searches in the catalog. The subject search is a specific and helpful way to find materials about your area of interest. Explore these or try some of your own subject searches using the "Subject" tab in Primo. For more information on "power searching" by subject, ask your reference librarian.

By call number

Browse for library books by subject using the call number ranges below. You can use them to browse the reference section or the main stacks. The Library of Congress website may have a more detailed outline of call numbers for your subject area.

P                      General Linguistics
PA Classical Languages and Literature – Greek, Latin

Modern European Languages, Celtic Languages and Literature – Irish, Gaelic, Scottis Gaelic, Manyx, Pict, Brythonic Group

PC Romance Languages – Romanian, Italian, French, Catalan, Spanish, Portuguese
PD Old Germanic Dialects: Gothic, Vandal, Burgundian, Langobardian – Scandinavian & North Germanic
PE English Language – Composition & Grammar
PF West Germanic Languages & Literature – Dutch, Flemis, Friesian Language & Literature, German
PG Slavic, Baltic, Albanian Languages and Literature
PH Dinno-Ugrian, Basque Languages and Literature – Finnish, Estonian, Lapp, Mari, Ugrian, Hungarian, Basque
PJ Oriental Languages and Literature: General Works – Egyptian, Libyan, Berber, Cushitic, Assyrian, Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic, Ethiopian
PK Indo-Iranian Languages & Literature – Armenian, Georgian
PL Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania Languages & Literature – Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Oceanic, Afrikaner
PM Hyperborean, Indian, and Artificial Languages – American Indian, Artificial Languages
PN Literary History and Collections – Literary criticism, drama, journalism, quotations, poetry, humor, essays, film
PN 4699 -PN 5650 Journalism
PQ Romance Literature – French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
PR                         English Literature
PR 1-56 Eng. Lit. History & Criticism
PR 57-78            Eng. Lit. Criticism
PR 111-116       Eng. Lit. Women Authors
PR 125-138        Eng. Lit.  Relations to Other Countries
PR 171-236         Eng. Lit. Anglo-Saxon Through 1066
PR 251-369         Eng. Lit. Medieval. Middle English 1066-1500
PR 401-488         Eng. Lit. Modern
PR 421-429         Eng. Lit.   Elizabethan era 1550-1640
PR 431-439         Eng. Lit.   17th Century
PR 441-449         Eng. Lit.   18th Century
PR 451-469         Eng. Lit.   19th Century
PR 471-479         Eng. Lit.   20th Century
PR 481-488 Eng. Lit.   21st Century
PR 500-614         Eng. Lit. Poetry
PR 621-744         Eng. Lit. Drama
PR 750-890         Eng. Lit. Prose
PR 821-890         Eng. Lit. Prose Fiction.  The Novel
PR 901-907         Eng. Lit. Oratory
PR 908-928         Eng. Lit. Diaries, Letters, Essays
PR 931-938         Eng. Lit. Wit & Humor
PR 951-981         Eng. Lit. Folk Literature
PR 1098-1369      Eng. Lit. Collections of English Literature
PR 1490-1799      Eng. Lit. Anglo-Saxon Literature
PR 1803-2165      Eng. Lit. Anglo-Norman Period Early English, Middle English
PR 2199-3195      Eng. Lit. English Renaissance 1500-1640
PR 3291-3785      Eng. Lit. 17th & 18th Centuries 1640-1770
PR 3991-5990      Eng. Lit. 19th Century
PR 6000-6049      Eng. Lit. 1900-1960
PR 6050-6076      Eng. Lit. 1961-2000
PR 6100-6126      Eng. Lit. 2001-
PR 8309-9680      Eng. Lit. Provincial: Provincial, Local, etc.
PS American Literature
PS 126-138          Amer. Lit. Biography, Memoirs, Letters, etc.
PS 147-152          Amer. Lit. Women Authors
PS 163-173          Amer. Lit. Treatment of Special Subjects, Classes
PS 185-195          Amer. Lit. 17-18th Centuries
PS 201-217          Amer. Lit. 19th Century
PS 221-228          Amer. Lit. 20th Century
PS 229-231          Amer. Lit. 21st Century
PS 241-286          Amer. Lit. Special Regions, States etc.
PS 241-255          Amer. Lit. North
PS 261-267          Amer. Lit. South
PS 271-285          Amer. Lit. West & Central
PS 301-326          Amer. Lit. Poetry
PS 330-353          Amer. Lit. Drama
PS 360-380          Amer. Lit. Prose
PS 400-408          Amer. Lit. Oratory
PS 409                   Amer. Lit. Diaries
PS 410-419          Amer. Lit. Letters
PS 420-429          Amer. Lit. Essays
PS 430-439          Amer. Lit. Wit & Humor, Satire
PS 451-478          Amer. Lit. Folk Literature
PS 501-689          Amer. Lit. Collections of American Literature
PS 700-3576        Amer. Lit. Individual Authors
PS 700-893          Amer. Lit. Colonial Period, 17th & 18th Centuries
PS 991-3390        Amer. Lit. 19th Century
PS 3500-3549      Amer. Lit. 1900-1960
PS 3550-3576      Amer. Lit. 1961-2000
PS 3600-3626      Amer. Lit. 2001 -

Germanic Literature – German, Dutch, Flemish, Afrikaans, Scandinavian Literature - Old Norse, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish

PZ Juvenile Literature