French Research Guide


Academic Search Premier
An interdisciplinary database that provides full text articles.

Encyclopaedia Universalis
French version of the Encyclopedia Britannica

MLA Bibiography
Covers literature, languages, linguistics, and folklore from 4,400 journals and series worldwide. Coverage from 1926 to the present.

Web resources

Francophone Portals and Search Engines
Provides links to French language search engines

French Culture
Developed by the Cultural Services Office to the Embassy of France to promote the best of French arts, literature, and education to cultural and academic institutions across the United States. The Education section provides an inventory of internship, language and study abroad programs available to American students and teachers.

Le Monde
Direct link to Le Monde newspaper.

Best French Websites (By Professor Emeritus Jim Becker of the U. of Northern Iowa)


Encyclopædia Universalis accessible via the Global Reference Center (online)