Health & Human Performance Research Guide


Academic Search Premier
An interdisciplinary database that provides full text articles.

CINAHL (Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature)
Covers nursing, biomedicine, health sciences, alternative medicine, consumer health and 17 allied health disciplines.

Cochrane Collection Plus
Articles, books, research reports, and conference proceedings related to the effects of healthcare, the conduct of controlled trials, the cost and effects of drugs, treatments and procedures, and systematic reviews of healthcare.

Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition
Hundreds of full-text journals focusing on many medical disciplines. Coverage of nursing and allied health is particularly strong.

Medline via Ebsco
Covers the literature of biomedicine, including the allied health fields and the biological and physical sciences from 1949 to the present.

Web of Science
Includes the Science Citation Index from 1979 - present, Index Chemicus and Current Chemical Reactions. The Science Citation Index Expanded provides access to bibliographic information, author abstracts, and cited references from over 6,650 of the world’s leading scholarly science and technology journals covering more than 150 disciplines.

ScienceDirect College Edition
Full-text access to most Elsevier journals in the physical sciences and life sciences.  The collection contains four million articles prior to 1995, and 2.75 million articles from after 1994.  George Fox subscribes to the Life Sciences, Health Sciences, and Physical Sciences and Engineering journal packages.

Finding books

By subject search

Below are some links to various subject searches in Primo. The subject search is a specific and helpful way to find materials about your area of interest.

By call number

If you want to browse for books in the library, use the call numbers below to find the subject areas that are of interest to you. You can use them to browse the reference section or the main stacks. The Library of Congress website may have a more detailed outline of call numbers for your subject area.

Subclass GV  
GV199 199.62 Hiking. Pedestrian tours
GV199.8 200.35 Mountaineering
GV200.4 200.56 Orienteering. Wilderness survival
GV201 555 Physical education and training
GV346 351.5 School and college athletics.
GV401 433 Physical education facilities. Sports facilities
GV435 436.7 Physical measurements. Physical tests, etc.
GV450 451.4 Nudism. Sunbathing
GV460 555 Gymnastics. Gymnastic exercises
GV557 1198.995 Sports
GV711 Coaching
GV712 725 Athletic contests. Sports events
GV733 734.5 Professionalism in sports. Professional sports (General)
GV735 Umpires. Sports officiating
GV743 749 Athletic and sporting goods, supplies, etc.
GV750 770.27 Air sports: Airplane flying, kiteflying, bungee jumping, etc.
GV770.3 840 Water sports: Canoeing, sailing, yachting, scuba diving, etc.
GV840.7 857 Winter sports: Ice hockey, skiing, bobsledding
GV861 1017 Ball games: Baseball, football, golf, etc.
GV1040 1060.4 Cycling. Bicycling. Motorcycling
GV1060.5 1098 Track and field athletics
GV1100 1150.9 Fighting sports: Bullfighting, boxing, fencing, etc.
GV1151 1190 Shooting. Archery
GV1195 1198.995 Wrestling
GV1580 1799.4 Dancing
Subclass RC  
RC1200-1245 Sports medicine