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Music Periodicals Database
Covers several hundred international music periodicals.

NAXOS Music Libraries:

Web resources

I Hear America Singing
A digital library of music and performing arts, provided by the Library of Congress.

Now what a time
The American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress presents music and contextual information from the Fort Valley (Georgia) State College Folk Festivals in the early 1940s (the only American folk festival featuring African American performers that was organized entirely by African Americans). The music played includes traditional folk, blues and gospel from the late 19th century to the early 20th century. The documentary collections include 108 songs and instrumental pieces in a downloadable mp3 format.

This site covers the world of rhythm and percussion based music including jazz, reggae, African pop, samba and more. Contents can be searched by culture or instrument type. The Rhythmweb Radio offers sound files.

Award-winning site for listening to, exploring, discovering and creating music.

Virtual Instrument Museum
Provides information and multimedia offerings for musical instruments from Wesleyan University’s World Music Instrument Collection

Finding books

By subject search

Below are some links to various subject searches in Primo, limiting to resources at George Fox.  Use Primo's advanced search option to limit searchs by subject, or for a broader search simply use the single search box on the library's home page.

By call number

If you want to browse for books in the library, use the call numbers below to find the subject areas that are of interest to you. You can use them to browse the reference section or the main stacks. The Library of Congress website may have a more detailed outline of call numbers for your subject area.

M1-5000 Music
M1-1.A15 Music printed or copied in manuscript in the United States or the colonies before 1860
M1.A5-3.3 Collections
M1.A5-Z Miscellaneous
M2-2.3 Musical sources
M3-3.3 Collected works of individual composers
M5-1480 Instrumental music
M5 Collections
M6-175.5 One solo instrument
M176 Motion picture music
M176.5 Radio and television music
M177-990 Two or more solo instruments
M1000-1075 Orchestra
M1100-1160 String orchestra
M1200-1270 Band
M1350-1366 Other ensembles
M1375-1420 Instrumental music for children
M1470-1480 Aleatory music. Electronic music. Mixed media
M1490 Music printed or copied in manuscript before 1700
M1495-2199 Vocal music
M1495 Collections
M1497-1998 Secular vocal music
M1497 Collections
M1500-1527.8 Dramatic music
M1528-1529.5 Two or more solo voices
M1530-1609 Choruses
M1611-1624.8 One solo voice
M1625-1626 Recitations with music
M1627-1853 Folk, national and ethnic music
M1900-1985 Songs of specific groups or on specific topics
M1990-1998 Secular vocal music for children
M1999-2199 Sacred vocal music
M1999 Collections
M2000-2007 Dramatic music
M2010-2017.6 Choral services, etc.
M2018-2019.5 Two or more solo voices
M2020-2101.5 Choruses
M2102-2114.8 One solo voice
M2115-2146 Hymnals. Hymn collections
M2147-2188 Liturgy and ritual
M2190-2196 Sacred vocal music for children
M2198-2199 Popular religious and devotional music
M5000 Unidentified compositions
ML1-3930 Literature on music
ML1-5 Periodicals. Serials
ML12-21 Directories. Almanacs
ML25-28 Societies and other organizations
ML29-31 Special collections
ML32-33 Institutions
ML35-38 Festivals. Congresses
ML40-44 Programs
ML45 Circulars and advertisements
ML46 Scrapbooks
ML47-54.8 Librettos. Texts. Scenarios
ML55-89 Aspects of the field of music as a whole
ML93-96.5 Manuscript studies and manuscripts
ML100-109 Dictionaries. Encyclopedias
ML110-111.5 Music librarianship
ML112-112.5 Music printing and publishing
ML112.8-158.8 Bibliography
ML159-3785 History and criticism
ML159-161 General works
ML162-197 By period
ML198-360.6 By region or country
ML385-429 Biography
ML430-458 Composition and performance
ML459-1380 Instruments and instrumental music
ML1400-3275 Vocal music
ML3300-3351 Program music
ML3400-3465 Dance music
ML3469-3541 Popular music
ML3544-3776 Folk, national, and ethnic music
ML3780 Music on particular topics
ML3785 Musical journalism
ML3790-3792 Music trade
ML3795 Music as a profession. Vocational guidance
ML3797-3799.5 Musical research
ML3800-3923 Philosophical and societal aspects of music. Physics and acoustics of music. Physiological aspects.
ML3800 General works
ML3805-3817 Physics and acoustics
ML3820 Physiological aspects of music
ML3830-3840 Psychology
ML3845-3877 Aesthetics
ML3880-3915 Criticism
ML3916-3918 Social and political aspects of music
ML3919-3920 Moral influence of music. Therapeutic use of music
ML3921-3921.8 Religious aspects of music
ML3922 Music in the workplace
ML3928-3930 Literature for children