Philosophy Research Guide


Academic Search Premier
The world's largest scholarly, multidiscipline, full-text database designed specifically for academic institutions. It contains indexing and abstracts for over 8,450 journals, with full text for more than 4,600 of those titles.  Over 3,600 journals are peer-reviewed. 

Oxford Reference Online Premium Collection: Philosophy

Past Masters
A collection of writings and correspondence by classical and contemporary philosophers, including Aristotle, Augustine, Montesquieu, Plotinus, Suarez, and Wright.

Philosopher's Index (EBSCO)
A bibliographic database with informative author-written abstracts covering scholarly research in the 15 fields of philosophy, published in journals and books since 1940.

Religion and Philosophy Collection
This EBSCO collection provides extensive coverage of such topics as world religions, major denominations, biblical studies, religious history, epistemology, political philosophy, philosophy of language, moral philosophy and the history of philosophy.  The Religion and Philosophy Collection offers nearly 300 full text journals, including more than 260 peer-reviewed titles, making it an essential tool for researchers and students of theology and philosophical studies.

Web resources

Contemporary Philosophy of Mind: An Annotated Bibliography
This bibliography covers core areas of contemporary philosophy of mind in six parts: consciousness and qualia, mental content, metaphysics of mind, philosophy of artificial intelligence, philosophy of psychology, and consciousness in the sciences.

Past Masters:  Aristotle  |  Augustine
Full text of key writings by influential figures in the humanities.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
A work in progress. Long entries, with bibliographies.

University of San Diego Research Ethics Program: Topics
Provides a carefully selected subject-organized collection of full-text articles and important philosophical works. This site covers ethical theory and applied ethics.

Professional organizations

American Philosophical Association (APA)
The primary professional organization for American philosophers. 

Society of Christian Philosophers
Association composed of professional philosophers who embrace the Christian faith.

Center for the Study of the Great Ideas
Founded by Mortimer Adler and Max Weismann. Dedicated to the proposition that "Philosophy is everybody's business."

Finding books

By subject search

Below are some links to various subject searches in the catalog. The subject search is a specific and helpful way to find materials about your area of interest. Explore these or try some of your own subject searches using the "Subject" tab in Primo. For more information on "power searching" by subject, ask your reference librarian.


Free will and determinism

Free will and determinism -- Religious aspects -- Christianity

Kant, Immanuel, 1724-1804 -- Ethics

By call number

If you want to browse for books in the library, use the call numbers below to find the subject areas that are of interest to you. You can use them to browse the reference section or the main stacks. The Library of Congress website may have a more detailed outline of call numbers for your subject area.

Subclass B  
B1-5802 Philosophy (General)
B69-99 General works
B108-5802 By period
B108-708 Ancient
B720-765 Medieval
B770-785 Renaissance
B790-5802 Modern
B808-849 Special topics and schools of philosophy
B850-5739 By region or country
B5800-5802 By religion
Subclass BC Logic
Subclass BD Speculative philosophy
Subclass BH Aesthetics
Subclass BJ Ethics