Subject Specialists

Specialists can help with:

  • In-class instruction on library databases and services
  • Purchasing books and other materials for our collections
  • Individual or small-group research assistance (in-person or online)
  • Other needs

Subject Specialist
Archival Research Rachel Thomas
Art & Design Jenny Bruxvoort
Biology Rob Bohall
Business/Economics Rob Bohall
Chemistry Rob Bohall
Christian Ministries Jenny Bruxvoort
Cinematic Arts Jenny Bruxvoort
Communication Arts Jenny Bruxvoort
Computer Science Rob Bohall
Counseling Robin Ashford
Education Robin Ashford
Educational Technology Gloria Doherty
Engineering Rob Bohall
English Jenny Bruxvoort
English Language Inst. Andrea Abernathy
French Rob Bohall
General science Rob Bohall
Health & Human Performance Rob Bohall
History Jenny Bruxvoort
International Studies Jenny Bruxvoort
Mathematics Rob Bohall
Music Jenny Bruxvoort
Nursing Andrea Abernathy
Peace Jenny Bruxvoort
Philosophy Jenny Bruxvoort
Physical Therapy Rob Bohall
Physics Rob Bohall
Politics Jenny Bruxvoort
Professional Studies Robin Ashford
Psychology Andrea Abernathy
Quaker Jenny Bruxvoort
Religion Jenny Bruxvoort
Seminary Robin Ashford
Social Work Andrea Abernathy
Sociology Jenny Bruxvoort
Spanish Rob Bohall
Theatre Jenny Bruxvoort