The Artist

Kayin Griffith

Kayin Griffith is a graduate of George Fox University with a B.A. in Studio Art, an emphasis in Business, and a minor in Psychology. Kayin has done numerous commissions and her work has been recently displayed at Chapters in Newberg, Oregon. She is currently the Office of Spiritual Life Coordinator at George Fox University and Assistant Designer/Marketing Specialist for Griffith Design.

Read About "Celebration"

In a world where most of our role models are on their second or third marriage it can be a rare occasion to meet a couple who has been married over fifty years. As a young married woman, I find it a true blessing to meet and hear the stories of those who have been married for a long time. I have only been married for two years but have found so much joy and depth in my relationship with my husband. I have developed a passion to see couples thrive. For this show, I decided to use my artistic talent to speak about the subject I care about the most: marriage.

These paintings feature five different couples who have been married anywhere between 55 and 70 years. None of them would tell you that marriage has been an easy road but all of them would tell you that it's been well worth walking. I've picked a theme for each couple that exemplifies a unique part of their journey. You will see themes specified in the title of the paintings. Their unique story is something I hope that we can all share, honor and celebrate.

These paintings began with a simple idea that turned into hours upon hours of stepping into the shoes of these couples and creating their story visually on canvas. To begin the process, I interviewed the five couples for several hours asking them questions and hearing their stories. I created large digital photo compilations by scanning their personal pictures into photo-editing software. I printed the images onto canvas and then began painting them with acrylic and oil. I chose to paint on top of the prints so that I could give a photographic quality to the people and work out many details before the painting process.

The final product is a representation of my love for paint and passion for people. Please join me in celebrating the lives of these couples.

-- Kayin Griffith.