Archives: Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends Church Records

The Friends Church collection dates from the late 1880s and contains:

  • membership records
  • meeting minutes
  • directories
  • correspondence
  • bulletins
  • newsletters
  • pamphlets
  • sermons
  • reports
  • office files
  • financial records
  • biographical information
  • scrapbooks
  • photographic images
  • audio/visual materials in various formats

Research Guides

The following guides for searching the collection are available on the Archives West website:

Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends Church Records 1878-2011
Summary: Oregon Yearly Meeting of Friends Church was established in 1891 at Newberg, Oregon. In 1974 the name was changed to Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends Church. The collection consists of membership records, minutes, correspondence, publications, sermons, reports, and materials relating to associated organizations.
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Twin Rocks Conference Association Records 1918-2005
Summary: Twin Rocks Friends Conference is located in Rockaway Beach, Oregon, serving as a summer camp and conference site for both Friends (Quaker) constituency and other organizational events. Included in the collection are a variety of materials such as Conference Board records, camp publications, newsletters, promotional materials, and some audio visual materials.
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Peace Oratorical Collection 1921-1950 and undated
Summary: The collection consists of papers submitted for the statewide Oregon Peace Oratorical contest.
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