Library Collections

Physical items in the George Fox Library are organized into distinct groups called collections. Materials within each collection are organized by Library of Congress call number.

With the exception of a small reference collection at the Portland Center, all physical items are located in the Murdock Library in Newberg.

Main Stacks

All books and media that can be checked out. Makes up about 90% of materials in the library.

Nearly the entire upstairs of Murdock Library.

Books | Media

Current Periodicals

Latest issues of several popular journals; intended for casual reading.

First floor of Murdock Library, by the fireplace

Wired, Kiplingers, Sports Illustrated, The Economist, Consumer Reports, Harpers, and more.

Curriculum Library

Primary and secondary education (K-12) materials.

Basement of Murdock Library

Primo records

Audio CDs

Includes audiobooks, musicals, symphonies, and more.

Upstairs at the end of the Main Stacks (after "Z" in the book collection)



A wide variety of movies, documentaries, lectures, therapy sessions, and more. Includes all of the American Film Institute's Top 100 Films.

Upstairs at the end of the Main Stacks (after "Z" in the book collection)



Printed dissertations by graduates of George Fox doctoral programs. View electronic theses and dissertations in the Digital Commons.

Upstairs at the end of the Main Stacks (after "Z" in the book collection)


Foreign Languages

Small collections intended for students of various language abilities

Curriculum Library (basement)

French| Spanish

Herbert Hoover

Books about the university's most famous alumnus.

Special Collections Room (upstairs); see alsoDigital Commons: Hoover



Books from divers viewpoints on this Quaker distictive.

Special Collections room (upstairs)



Journals and magazines published on a regular basis.

Print: Bound volumes and loose issues can be found in the basement

Print| EJournals


One of the largest collections of Quaker publications in the known universe.

Special Collections room



Small-circulation, self-published periodicals on a wide variety of topics including: Pacific NW regional history, social movements, literature, art and design, Christianity, faith, and religious thought.

Special Collections Room