Find Articles

Articles are focused written pieces appearing in journals, magazines, newpapers, etc.

  • Peer-reviewed articles must go through rigorous evaluation by subject experts before getting published.
  • Scholarly articles are those intended for an academic audience

Two approaches to finding journal articles:

  1. Quick search from the library homepage
  2. Focused search in a subject-specific library database

1. Quick & Broad Search

Fast and easy, but may return records of low relevance.

Option #1: Primo

  1. Go to the Library homepage
  2. In the Search area, select Articles in the dropdown menu
  3. Enter terms in the search box
  4. Select "Go"

Article records matching your search terms will display in Primo.

Option #2: EBSCO

  • Select the EBSCO Databases link to search about 50 databases simultaneously

Library homepage search box

2: Focused Search

Gain greater control by choosing a specific database and pre-selecting search limits.

Step 1: Select a Database

  • Article databases index journals within a certain discipline. They allow you to search for articles by author, title, or subject.
  • To find the right database go to Research Guides where you can select a subject guide for your discipline that contains a list of appropriate databases. You can find all of our databases by going to the "Databases A-Z" list.

Step 2: Search the Database

  • Enter some keywords. Nouns usually work better than verbs.
  • Refine your search with subject terms (sometimes called descriptors). You can use descriptors that you see in your results, or you can look for a link that says Thesaurus to look at all the descriptors recognized by the database.

Step 3: Find the Full Text

  • Look for a link to the full text.
  • If there is none, click "check for full text" to see if we can link you through to the full text in another database.
  • If you already have publication information for an article, use our journal title search to see whether we have a subscription.
  • If we don't have access to the article you need, we can get a copy through interlibrary loan.