"Libcheck" Proxy Bookmarklet

Want to find out whether the full text of a subscription-only article or webpage are viewable without having to go through the library homepage?  The Libcheck bookmarklet is for you.

What Is It?

Libcheck is a simple script embedded in a web browser bookmark that adds the library's "proxy" prefix to the URL of the webpage you are on.


Clicking on the Libcheck bookmarklet tells your browser to reload the current page with the proxy in front.  From the user perspective, it is as if you are on campus at Fox.


To install, just click and drag the Libcheck button to your Bookmarks bar: Libcheck

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animated graphic showing dragging Libcheck bookmarklet to the web browser toolbar


Use It

Ah, this is where the magic happens!

You land on a webpage for an article you want, but are told you have to pay for the full text (example).  Just click "Libcheck" in your browser's Bookmark bar. The page will reload with the library proxy prepended, and you may be able to view the full article.

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animated graphic showing protected content getting unlocked after user selects the Libcheck bookmarklet