Find Journals

Journals are collections of articles published regularly, typically every 1-3 months.  They are more scholarly or professional than popular magazines.

  • A journal volume is a year's worth of individual issues.
  • A journal issue is a group of articles published together.

Use Primo to locate both print and electronic journals:

Search Tips

The best way to find a specific journal title is by using Advanced Search in Primo.

  1. Material Type = Journals
  2. Search Scope = George Fox University
  3. Enter the title of the journal in the search box (use quotation marks for exact title)
  4. Select "Search"



  • Print Journals -- select the "Get It" tab to view the issues held
  • Online Journals -- select the "View It" tab for databases providing full-text articles

Video Tutorial:

Search for journals available from Fox libraries (0:57)