New Library System

On December 18, 2014 George Fox libraries transitioned to a new library system.  

We are in the 4th and final group as the 37-member Orbis Cascade Alliance transitions from stand-alone library systems to one shared library system.


Why the change?

The new system is designed to:

  1. improve the research experience for our students and faculty
  2. allow us to better manage our resources.

The popular library system previously used to search for information and borrow library materials needed to be replaced.  The new, improved user interface makes it easier to find the information you need and get the items you are looking for both here and through Summit. 


The new search interface that replaces Foxtrax is more intuitive and results are fuller.  With a single search box users can access:

  • records currently in the library’s catalog
  • all the holdings in Summit
  • contents of dozens of full-text databases
  • and more.

Transitioning a library system that serves 37 academic libraries and 275,000 students is not without its challenges, and there will likely be some bumps during this process.  For example, you should expect a longer delivery time for Summit materials through January 2015.  However, we will endeavor to provide the best service possible.