Create Off-Campus Links

Two key factors causing links to licensed library content to fail:

  1. Link contains a session ID
  2. User is not logged in to MyGeorgeFox

Session IDs

Here is an example of a URL for an article in EBSCO that was copied directly from the browser address bar:

The "sid" and "sessionmgr" elements mean the address is only valid while the user has an active browser session.  Trying the link after the session has ended will result in an error. 

The solution?  Locate and copy the item's permalink.  As the name suggests, permalinks are permanent and stable links to articles.  Permalinks

Authenticating with MyGeorgeFox Credentials

Because high-quality information is expensive, access to Library databases requires a subscription.  Only people connected with the university, such as active students and employees, are legally permitted to access these databases.

The great majority of databases can be accessed seamlessly from on campus.  However, when a student or employee is off campus, the vendor needs a way to know they are actually affiliated with Fox. 

The solution?  Prepending a "proxy" to database links that requires the user to log in with MyGeorgeFox username and password before being able to see the content.

Proxy Prefix

GFU Proxy

1. Copy and paste your source URL here:

2. Click the "Create link" button below:

3. Copy and use the resulting link

4. Clear the form to make another link

Problems or comments? Please contact us.

NOTE: Only sites which have been registered in the EZproxy server will work. If you are working with an outside Web resource that needs to be registered with EZproxy, contact us. Please provide the URL you're trying to link to.