Semester Off-Campus Student Blogs

Spring 2014


Bailie Bowey
Semester in Spain

Junior, Social Work Major and Spanish major

...One phrase that I have learned goes “full stomach, happy heart.” I think that this phrase is going to be one that I repeat a lot because I have been eating so well here in Seville. From eating fish and squid in the house to eating sweets and chocolate to drinking coffee, I am eating such rich food. Tonight we went to a bar to drink coffee and eat sweets. I learned that the bars here serve families many times, not just adults. So, I drank an espresso and ate a few sweets with friends from the program and I was content. If I don’t come back to the States at least 10 pounds heavier, then I haven’t enjoyed all the amazing food that Seville has to offer enough.....

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Emily Moore
Semester in Dijon, France

Senior, English major and French minor

...So I suppose I’m really starting to settle in. It’s feeling a little less like a weird dream and more like the real deal. I received my class level assignment, I’ve bought my bus pass, and I’ve officially toured most of the old downtown area along with some of the biggest attractions. And today I finally took my first few classes, which if anything are too easy.

In my civilization course we talked a lot today about how people view the French. And I have to say there is some truth in the stereotypes. The French do tend to be more reserved and closed off. They don’t smile at everyone. And of course they often do leave dog poop all over the sidewalk. So I suppose this just reminds me that there are some things that I do still have to figure out how to deal with while here....

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Emily Searway
Semester in Spain
Junior, Spanish major and Management major

...SEl viernes fuimos a un viaje a Córdoba con la escuela. Fuimos acompañados de nuestra profesora Carmen. Ella nos enseña la clase de arte y es una de las mejores maestras que he tenido. Carmen nos llevo a la Mezquita de Córdoba. La Mezquita fue construida durante los siglos VII a X por cuatro personas diferentes: Abderramán I, que construyó el patio y la primera parte de la sala de oración. La construyó con materiales de acarreo y por eso las columnas son de diferentes colores y tamaños. Después Abderramán II hizo una expansión de la sala de oración....

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Monica Scigliano
Middle East Studies Progam

Senior, International major and Psycology major

... This past week we stayed with families in the Bethlehem area, getting a better sense of what Palestinian culture is like. We also got to travel as a group to a few cities in the West Bank, hearing from local speakers on the conflict and getting to experience a few special sites in each city. It’s been a challenging week for me, with several ‘Type 2′ funny moments – experiences that you can only laugh at after they’re over....

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                                                 Lowen, Kate

Kate Lowen
Semester in Spain
Senior, Spanish major and Music major

...Arriving in Madrid was one of the most unique experiences I have had entering another city by plane. Our plane from Chicago arrived in Madrid at 8 in the morning. It was still entirely dark out, and a good portion of the moon was in the sky. Instead of having blaring city lights, the lights in Madrid are a golden color, reminding me of fireflies and fairy dust. Granted, I was running on a severe lack of sleep, and these golden lights probably had more significance to me than they should have. Nevertheless, they were a great first impression of Europe....

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