China Studies Program

Program Overview
In conjunction with the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, George Fox students can participate in the China Studies Program (CSP). Based on the island of Xiamen, at the Overseas Education College of Xian University, the China Studies Program allows students to experience cross-cultural living on a Chinese university campus. Students will explore the complex past of one of the world's oldest cultures; experience the economic political and social realities of contemporary China; and look ahead, studying China's challenges as a rapidly emerging world power.

Course Content
Studies in the Chinese language take place in the first three weeks. A seminar on local folk art and customs will also take place the first three weeks. This is followed by seminar courses which include Chinese history, geography, culture, contemporary society, public policy, modernization and economic development, and intercultural communication.

Service Opportunity/internship
Field trips and other experiential learning opportunities include travel and visits to appropriate sites, such as Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China, and the "terracotta warriors." Voluntary community service, such as English language tutoring, will be arranged for two to three hours each week while in Shanghai.

The student will fill out two applications:
• George Fox off-campus application form (obtained from the Center for Study Abroad; or downloaded here)
• China Studies Program application (to be completed online here). An application fee must accompany your application.

*The CSP application should only be completed after being informed from the Director of Study Abroad that you are accepted for an off-campus study semester.

Students must be full-time undergraduates with junior or senior status, holding a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher to apply. There is NO language requirement.

Because students remain enrolled in their home institutions while participating in CSP, 16 hours of academic credit are awarded by the student's home institution. Students will be required to attend two pre-departure meetings, complete an online course evaluation, and attend a re-entry meeting upon their return. Students must see the transfer credit specialist in the Registrars office BEFORE they begin their semester off-campus.

Students are housed in a modern dormitory on the campus of Fudan University in Shanghai for the first nine weeks. Students will then be housed in a variety of locations as they travel to historic sites, including Beijing, Xi'an, and Hong Kong.


The student pays George Fox's standard tuition, room and board, and student fees and an additional fee for the China Studies Program.  Participants continue to receive financial aid, including scholarships, since they are officially George Fox students.  Round trip airfare is additional.

For more information, contact:
Center for Study Abroad
Lemmons 9
Phone: 503-554-2150