Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs are meant to supplement the program and procedural information already provided on the Study Abroad website. Please feel free to contact the Center for Study Abroad with any questions you have regarding semester off-campus programs.  Answers to many of your questions can be found below, at the  policies and procedures web page and  at our program pages which contain a wealth of information and may provide the answers you seek. As well, many questions, especially program and country specific, are better answered by the program itself and not by the Center for Study Abroad. If you need assistance in finding contact information for a program, please contact our office and we would be happy to provide you with this information.

Q: Do I still pay normal GFU tuition and room and board as I have previous semesters?

A:  Yes, you will be billed by GFU equal to GFU tuition + room & board (with some variations, depending on the program).  For some of the more expensive off-campus programs there you will be charged an additional program fee.

Q: Do I keep my GFU financial aid package?

A:  Yes you keep all of your financial aid. Act 6 students must pay the entire program cost.  Tuition Remission students must pay the additional program fee. (If you have financial-related questions, please direct to your Student Financial Services Counselor) 

Q: Will my credits transfer? How do I find out what they will transfer as? (GE, elective, major, etc.)

A: Yes. Talk to your enrollment counselor, the registrars transfer specialist, and your academic advisor for specifics.  All credits from a GFU approved program will transfer to GFU.  However, you will need to plan which of your off-campus courses transfer for General Education or can be counted in your major. This must be finalized BEFORE you leave for your program.

Q: Am I responsible for paying for and booking my own flight?

A: Yes, you are responsible for paying and booking your flight.  This must be coordinated with the off-campus program.  

Q: Does George Fox pay my deposit and any application fees?

A: No, you are responsible for paying both deposit and application fee. Your deposit will be credited to your student account (for ALL programs), your application fee will not. 

Q: Will I be able to fly with other GFU students to my semester off-campus destination?

A: This depends on: Whether other GFU students are going to your same destination and whether you can coordinate your flights together. You also must coordinate your flights with the off-campus program.

Q: Can I go to my destination before the semester begins and/or can I stay longer?

A: Yes, as long as you are present when your program begins through its conclusion.

Q. Does GFU offer summer off-campus programs?

A. No, however there are many programs offered by other institutions that GFU students can attend.

Q. Can transfer students study off-campus?

A. Yes, as long as they attend GFU for two semesters prior to studying off-campus.

Q: I need assistance with applying for a VISA, whom do I ask?

A: All program-related questions, including VISA questions, are best directed to the extermal program. However the Center for Study Abroad will be happy to help when possible. 

Q: The Semester in Spain program requires that I apply in person for my VISA at the consulate in San Francisco. Does the Center for Study Abroad assist with this?

A: Yes, the Center for Study Abroad in conjuction with the Semester in Spain program will help you with obtaining a Spain student visa.  

Q: My program begins at a later date than George Fox. Can I live on-campus during this time?

A: No. Although you are still considered a GFU student for the semester, you are not eligible for on-campus housing.

Q: Does the Center for Study Abroad require anything of me before/after my semester off-campus?

A: Yes, students accepted for off-campus semester study are required to:

  • Attend an initial acceptance meeting in early February
  • Attend two pre-departure orientation sessions facilitated by the Center for Study Abroad
  • Attend a re-entry session facilitated by the Center for Study Abroad upon return (graduates exempt.
  • Complete an on-line evaluation including a two-page (minimum) reflection of the off-campus semester experience
Q: If I have concerns during my semester off-campus, whom do I talk to?

A:   • If it is related directly to GFU - Your first contact should be the Center for Study Abroad at GFU.

  • If it is related to your semester off-campus program - Your first contact should be within your off-campus program. You are always welcome to contact the Center for Study Abroad at GFU.

Q: I’m having trouble adjusting back to GFU life after I return. Are there resources on-campus to help with this transition?

A: Yes, the Center for Study Abroad is available to meet with you and help you navigate re-entry. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Q: I want to make sure I am well prepared for my semester off-campus. Are there specific resources available that might assist me?

A: Yes, please contact the Center for Study Abroad who will assist you by:

  • Providing a relevant reading list
  • Connecting you with other GFU students who are either alumni of your program or are attending your same semester.
  • Scheduling a meeting with the director or assistant director to discuss concerns and suggest preparation.

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