Adventure - Art - Culture - Juniors Abroad at George Fox


Faculty: Christine Saladino, Shereen Hullum
Meeting Time: Tuesday - 6:30 - 9:00PM

Students who participate in this Junior’s Abroad trip will experience the beauty of the geography of Ireland and England as well as have the opportunity to grow in their knowledge and understanding of the history, art, and culture of these countries. On this trip, students will have the chance to increase their knowledge of art through visits the National Gallery of Ireland, the National Gallery in London, and the Globe Theater in London. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to see theater productions in Dublin and London. Students will experience a variety of opportunities to expand their knowledge of history through visits to museums and through seeing historical sites such as Stonehenge or the Great Bath ruins, constructed in 70 AD. The trip also includes the opportunity to visit historical sites of early Christianity in places such as the Aran Islands and Clonmaconis. Participants will also experience the great beauty of these countries through visits to Connemara National Park, Llandudno West Shore, and a hike along the Wales shore.

Preliminary Itinerary:

Day 1 – Leave PDX for Shannon airport, western Ireland. Arrive Galway – Ireland. Galway is Ireland’s unofficial cultural center.

Day 2 – Ferry boat to the Aran Islands off the Irish Coast. The Aran Islands are home to some of the most significant early Christian sites and beautiful scenery as well. Enjoy a bicycle ride on the island! 

Day 3 – Day trip to Clonmacnois. In addition to being one of the oldest Christian communities in Ireland, the site is also home to the Cross of Scriptures and some of the most famous High Crosses in all of Europe.

Day 4 – Trip to Connemara National Park one of the most beautiful sites on the Irish coast. Evening train to Dublin. Arrive Dublin, evening of Day 4.

Day 5 – Visit Trinity College home of the ancient manuscript known as the Book of Kells. Afternoon visits to St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the National Gallery of Ireland.

Day 6 – Visit Kilmainham Gaol (ideal for film fans, as many popular movies such as Braveheart have been filmed here). Like any major city there are many theater options as well. 

Day 7 – Morning, ferry to Llandudno, Wales. The small city of Llandudno is a resort destination in Wales known for its amazingly beautiful beaches, the most well-known of which is Llandudno West Shore.

Day 8 – Day trip to Caernarfon Castle. Built in 1280 by King Edward, it was one of the most expensive castles ever built in England.

Day 9 – Day hike along the Wales coast to visit the 12th century church of St. Tudno.

Day 10 – Rail travel to Bath. Bath is one of England’s most elegant and historic cities.

Day 11 – Visit to the Jane Austen Center. Afternoon at the Southgate shopping centre.

Day 12 – Visit The Great Bath, a natural hot springs bath constructed in 70 AD, now one of the best preserved ruins in the world. Late afternoon travel to Salisbury. Listed as one of the top 10 cities in the world to visit by Best in Travel magazine, Salisbury is home to Stonehenge and Salisbury Cathedral.

Day 13 – Day trip to Stonehenge.

Day 14 – Visit Salisbury Cathedral. Evening travel to Oxford by rail. Oxford, England. Oxford is one of the most famous university towns in all the world.

Day 15 – See sights in Oxford.

Day 16 – Visit and Tour of Warwick Castle.

Day 17-21 – Travel to London by rail. Opportunity to visit numerous London sites including: Imperial War Museum, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, the National Gallery, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the Globe Theater. 

Day 22 – Return home!