Standard One - Mission, Core Themes and Expectations

Mission, Core Themes & Expectations

1.A: Mission

1.A.1: The institution has a widely published mission statement& - approved by its governing board - that articulates a purpose appropriate for an institution of higher learning, gives direction for its efforts, and derives from, and is generally understood by, its community.

1.A.2: The institution defines mission fulfillment in the context of its purpose, characteristics, and expectatio1ns. Guided by that definition, it articulates institutional accomplishments or outcomes that represent an acceptable threshold or extent of mission fulfillment.

1.B: Core Themes

1.B.1: The institution identifies core themes that individually manifest essential elements of its mission and collectively encompass its mission.

1.B.2 The institution establishes objectives for each of its core themes and identifies meaningful, assessable, and verifiable indicators of achievement that form the basis for evaluating accomplishment of the objectives of its core themes.

Core Theme 1: Excellence in Liberal Arts Foundation:

Core Theme 2: Excellence in Professional Preparation:

Core Theme 3: Christ-centered Community:

Core Theme 4: Local and Global Engagement: