Study Habits Inventory

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1. I use a daily or weekly calendar/schedule.

2. I maintain a long-term planner/calendar of assignments, papers, projects, and tests.

3. I study between classes and during short breaks.

4. I get seven to nine hours of sleep a night.

5. I exercise three to four times a week.

6. I have a consistent place to study.

7. I avoid distractions while studying.

8. I focus on what I’m reading, writing, or studying.

9. I take breaks during extended study sessions.

10. I skim chapters and handouts before reading them.

11. I underline important information in textbooks and handouts.

12. I look up unknown words.

13. I discuss assignments with students, tutors, ARC consultants, or professors.

14. I take notes in class.

15. I use a note-taking system or strategy.

16. I review my notes within 24 hours of taking them.

17. I prepare for classes by reading textbooks and class notes before we meet.

18. I prepare for tests by reviewing notes, textbooks, and handouts.

19. I read professors’ comments on returned tests and papers.

20. I focus on learning, not just completing assignments and getting grades.

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Adapted and used with permission from University of Puget Sound, Center for Writing, Learning & Teaching.

Consider which practices you can implement more regularly or effectively. Talk with another person about your current actions to help evaluate areas you can improve.

Schedule an appointment with the ARC if you would like to talk about these or other ideas for effective learning.