Learning Tools

College Courses during COVID-19

Check the links below for useful tools for becoming a more effective and efficient learner. Consider scheduling a one-time or weekly Academic Coaching appointment with an ARC Consultant to work on time management, academic organization, or any of these learning strategies.

Putting your Strengths to use

If you have a StrengthsQuest online account, review  Chapter 7 of the online StrengthsQuest book to learn more about applying your talents to academic success.

  • Read the action items for “Applying Your Talents in Academics” for each of your five Signature Themes in the StrengthsQuest.

  • Pay particular attention to the first two categories, “General Academic Life” and “Study Techniques.”

  • Identify one strategy you will commit to, then answer the following questions:

    • Which theme did you choose to focus on?

    • What strategy did you choose to act upon?

    • What specific steps will you take to make that strategy a reality?

    • After implementing the strategy, evaluate the result of your actions.

  • Commit to doing this activity once a week for several weeks, using a different strategy from the same theme or moving on to a different theme.