Test Taking

Test Preparation: 15 Steps 15 tips and suggestions for preparing for tests more than just cramming the night before.

Taking Tests: General Tips Tips for preparing for tests, taking them, and analyzing returned tests.

Taking Tests General strategies for test taking as well as specific advice for multiple choice and essay tests. Several tips on how to learn from your tests.

Taking Exams Specific tips for objective and essay exams.

Studying for Final Exams Suggestions for how to study for exams.

Reviewing for Exams Suggestions for how to review for exams. Cramming is not reviewing!

Post-Test Analysis This provides a check list to assess how well your exam period went. It includes studying, your mental, physical, and emotional state before the exam, taking the exam, and choices after the exam.

Multiple Choice Exams Tips for before and during multiple choice tests, including tips of answering true/false questions.

Doing Well on Essay Exams A great resource for things to think about entering into an essay exam, especially if you have some reservations.

Clue Words in Exams A list of clue words in exams and what they really mean.

Test Anxiety A tool for identifying test anxiety and suggestions for how to reduce it.

Are You "Test Anxious"? A check list to see if you have test anxiety and contact information of people on campus who might be able to help.

Coping with Exams and Exam Anxiety Tips for how to decrease stress during exam season.

How to Keep Calm During Tests Suggestions for how to reduce stress while taking an exam.

Surviving Exams Strategies to reduce stress during exams. Includes the hours before the exam and the actually examination period.

Understanding Test Anxiety Possible causes of stress anxiety and tips for reducing them. 

GRE test study guide. The official guide for students preparing for the GRE for graduate school admissions.