Campus Representatives

Vice President of Representation's Committee


The Campus Representative will be responsible for representing the opinions of fellow class members to ASC, foster a

relationship between Residence Life and ASC, and serve on the ASC Campus Representatives

Committee. Duties of this committee include keeping the ASC Constitution, By-Laws and standing rules accurate with current job descriptions, school rules, the Community Life Fund, Academic Pursuit Fund,

and moral and ethical codes under God. This person will be directly involved in all campus elections.


This individual must be organized, able to communicate with a variety of their class members and

have the desire to represent others’ opinions.

Applicants must be full-time students ( minimum of 12 credit hours ) in good academic standing with George Fox University for the duration of the time they hold their position.


— Attend weekly committee meetings led by the VP of Representation

— Serve as a student representative on committees as needed

— Complete a program evaluation after each event when necessary

— Encourage the involvement of fellow class members and promote/publicize upcoming events

— Have a working knowledge of the ASC Constitution

— Work with other members of the committee to make just decisions concerning the student body

— Serve on the Elections Committee, Homecoming Elections, and Central Committee Elections

— Attend all forums required by Central Committee ( town hall meetings )

— Attend all floor and area events when possible

— Be an active participant in a student led club. Meet with club leader to discuss their goals and how ASC can assist them

— Work with housing area AC and AAC to create community in your area including a minimum of one event per semester

— Spend a minimum of two hours on the floors of your housing areas speaking with students.

— Attend the beginning of RA meetings once a month to keep updated on RA plans and to update RA’s on ASC plans.

— Abide by all GFU community lifestyle standards as outlined in the Student Handbook


Please have one reference form filled out by student leader on campus, one reference form by a peer, and one reference form by a George Fox faculty. If student is a freshman then one reference from a past teacher, mentor, or employer will suffice.

Time Commitment:

7-10 hours weekly ( 1 office hour, 2 hour Campus Representatives Committee meeting including the Community Life Fund, 2 hours on housing area floors speaking with students) plus program responsibilities (this includes elections and other events, hours may vary)


Inquire at the ASC offices for stipend information.