Clubs Director

Executive Vice President’s Committee


The Clubs Director will oversee all ASC recognized Student Clubs. The Clubs Director will also be responsible for regularly communicating and meeting with Student Club leaders. Furthermore, the Clubs Director will be responsible for keeping accurate records to ensure that continuity takes place from year to year with all Student Clubs. This person is responsible to the Executive VP.


This individual must be able to take initiative, set and accomplish goals, stay organized, and delegate

responsibility. They need to be dependable, organized with the ability to multi-task, flexibility, learning on the job, and managing people. It is highly important that this individual have great communication skills, both written and verbal.

Applicants must be full-time students ( minimum of 12 credit hours ) in good academic standing with George Fox University for the duration of the time they hold their position.


  • Meet every week with the Executive VP

  • Organize Get Involved Fairs for Fall (Serve Day) and Spring

  • Meet monthly with any new Student Club leaders and/or advisors while the club is on provision status

  • Assist new student groups through the application process

  • Maintain accurate and up to date records for all Student Clubs

  • Work with the ASC Tech Director to update ASC website with info regarding Student Clubs

  • Work alongside the VP of Finance and the Finance Director to hold 1 finance/ budget training session at the beginning of the year for Student Club Presidents

  • Attend one club activity per week

  • Review and record monthly reports each month with the Executive VP

  • Turn in two reports per semester (every other month) and a year-end report including a timeline

  • Annual Revision of the Student Club Policy Manual

  • Abide by all GFU community lifestyle standards as outlined in the Student Handbook

  • Make sure Club presidents are carrying out their duties.

Time Commitment:

Total of 10-15 hours: 10 hours weekly ( non-office intensive responsibilities ), 4-6 office hours weekly ( meetings and office work )


Inquire at the ASC offices for stipend information.