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There are many ways to be a part of ASC! You can run for an ASC Executive position, or apply for either a Living Area Representative or Class Representative position. However, the easiest way to be involved in what ASC does is by speaking up!
The Associated Student Community gladly welcomes your comments and ideas. Always feel free to speak with or email any ASC member. Contact information can be found on our "About" page.
*Applications are not currently open. Applications and campaigns for ASC Executive positions will open spring term.
ASC Positions
Title Description
Campus Representatives This is a great opportunity to represent your living area, meet new people, create fun events, and make the year memorable! The Campus Representative will be responsible for representing the opinions of fellow class members to ASC, foster a   relationship between the Residence Life and ASC, and serve on the ASC Campus Representatives  Committee.  


Multicultural Representatives

The Multicultural Representatives will work directly alongside the VP of Multicultural Life to help plan, organize, and lead Multicultural Life related events. They will also be responsible for supporting and empowering the various cultural clubs here on campus by listening to any needs they have and doing everything they can to assist.


Events and Activities
The Wineskin The Wineskin is now open for submissions! As the literary and art magazine at George Fox University, we accept poetry, prose, photography, and any 2D artwork. The Wineskin is a great way to get your art and writing published as well as influence the George Fox community. This year, the best piece in each category will be awarded with an Amazon gift card.

The theme of this publication is "seasons of change." There is no limit to number of submissions. All prose should be 1000 words or less.

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Contact Kiale Palpant at for more information or to ask any questions.

The Crescent (Jobs)

Wineskin Editor-in-Chief No description.


Art Director

The Crescent’s art director is responsible for the graphic design elements of the newspaper. They will be responsible for determining the layout of that issue’s articles and photographs in order to create a paper that’s easy to read. The art director will also be available to help photographers think of ways to photograph their assigned stories. The art director’s work on layout and photography will be approved by the editors-in-chief. This position requires technical knowledge of graphic design, as well as experience working with Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. Knowledge of newspaper layout is a plus. Applicants must demonstrate an attention to detail, an ability to meet deadlines, and be able to meet every two weeks for an editorial meeting.


Copy Editor

The Crescent ’s copy editor is responsible for ensuring that the issue’s articles are grammatically correct and written in AP style. They will be responsible for editing anywhere from three to five articles on a bi-weekly basis. A copy editor must have a thorough knowledge of proper English spelling and grammar, as well as a thorough knowledge of the Associated Press style of newspaper writing. They must also demonstrate an attention to detail, an ability to meet deadlines, and be able to meet every two weeks for an editorial meeting.


Financial Manager

The Crescent ’s financial manager is responsible for excellent stewardship of The Crescent ’s budget for the 2017-2018 school year. This entails paying invoices, contacting ad agencies and setting up ad contracts, tracking The Crescent ’s budget and giving regular updates with regard to The Crescent ’s financial position. They will also communicate with the Editors-in-Chief and Art Director about upcoming ad runs and make sure the necessary content is passed on. They must also demonstrate an attention to detail, excellent communication skills, and examples of financial stewardship.


Social Media Manager

The Crescent’s S Social Media Manager is responsible for marketing The Crescent to the student body via social media channels. They must post regular pictures and updates (as in, daily updates) about The Crescent on the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, announce the release of the next Crescent issue on Daily Bruin every other week, communicate with the art director about getting posters up around campus, and post new articles and issues on The Crescent Wordpress website. This position entails an attention to detail, an ability to promote several different kinds of stories to different audiences, and have a thorough knowledge of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



Photographers will be responsible for producing images to accompany articles and be featured throughout the publication on a bi-weekly basis. They will work closely with reporters to create engaging articles by planning and executing photographic vision. Photographers may also write articles periodically. Experience in a range of photographic styles preferred but not necessary, as he/she may shoot anything from portraits to sports to landscape. Photographers must be available to attend a staff meeting every other week.



Reporters will be responsible for producing and writing 1-3 articles on a bi-weekly basis. A keen sense of current events, both outside and inside of campus, is a must. Reporters will use AP style to create engaging, grammatically correct articles. Reporters must be available to attend a staff meeting every other week and demonstrate the ability to work independently and with fast-paced deadlines.


Section Editor

Section Editors will be responsible for curating their respective section (news, sports, features, or opinions) to ensure only the highest quality articles are included. This may include editing articles for accuracy, spelling, grammar, and style. Section editors may also write articles periodically. Section Editors must have a thorough knowledge of AP style and a command of the English language. Editorial experience is preferred. Section Editors must be able to attend a staff meeting every other week and be able to work well independently and with fast-paced deadlines.


KFOX Radio

K-fox Radio Host

Are you interested in broadcasting? Do you love music or want to learn how to use studio equipment? If so,  KFOX  might be just what you're looking for. We are George Fox University's on-campus internet radio station, and we'd love to have you as a part of our team. This position would require hosting a show for an hour time slot once a week and attending one meeting per month. No prior broadcasting experience is needed! More info Here