Multicultural Representative of Commuter Life

Vice President of Multicultural Life's Committee


Multicultural Representative of Commuter Life will work directly alongside the VP of Multicultural to create, develop, and

promote ideas, activities, and events related to Multicultural Life at George Fox. They will have a strong focus

in informing and promoting the inclusion and participation of events related to Multicultural Life to

Commuters on various platforms.


Have the ability to lead, motivate and direct individuals, have strong analytical and communication skills, be

self-motivated and capable of attending to details. This individual must be creative, organized and detail-
oriented, and uphold and stand behind the Lifestyle Agreement. The individual must also be a Commuter.

Applicants must be full-time students (minimum of 12 credit hours) in good academic standing with George

Fox University for the duration of the time they hold their position.


• Attend weekly Multicultural Life meetings led by the VP of Multicultural Life.

• Attend weekly Representative meetings led by the VP of Representation.

• Connect with Commuters and listen to their concerns and needs regarding cultural issues and

Multicultural Life here at George Fox.

• Advocate for the needs and concerns of Commuters at meetings.

• Inform Commuters about activities and events related to Multicultural Life and persuade residents to

be involved and participate in them.

• Be present amongst Commuters and be available to them.

• Assist with the creative idea processes that will take place in Multicultural Life meetings.

• Be available to help at all Multicultural Life related events and activities.

• Have scheduled office hours (1 hour per week minimum).

• Abide by all GFU community lifestyle standards as outlined in the Student Handbook.

Time Commitment:

10 hours per week (approximately, including minimum office hours). Needs to be flexible.


Inquire at the ASC offices for stipend information.