ASC Minutes: 1-09-2012



January 9, 2012

15.1 Opening with highs/lows

15.2 PRAYER: Emily

15.3 CALL TO ORDER: 3:15



·      All are present except for Stephanie who will be arriving later


15.5 Student Organizations- committee voting to either pass organization as a chartered organization or an organization on probation

·      Chartered Status

o      Latino Heritage Club

§       Call to Question: Emily      

§       Seconded: Carly

§       Pass: 6-0-0

o      Social Work Club

§       Call to Question: Emily

§       Seconded: Carly

§       Pass: 6-0-0

o      Sigma Zeta

§       Call to Question: Emily

§       Seconded: Josh

§       Pass: 6-0-0

o      Voices of Praise

§       Call to Question: Carly

§       Seconded: Josh

§       Pass: 6-0-0

·      Probation

o      International Justice Mission

§       Call: Emily

§       Second: Carly

§       Pass: 6-0-0

o      Sophilo

§       They have already been on probation once before- Kevin

§       Maybe put them on probation one more time for another chance, but keep a close eye on them- Carly

§       Call to Question: Carly

§       Second: Lauren

§       Pass: 6-0-0

15.6 Forms/Elections- Kevin

·      Central Committee members should edit their position’s application’s job description and return to Kevin

·      Elections are approaching

·      All Central Committee members are on the election committee

15.7 Monday Meeting Time

·      There are conflicts this semester with the ASC Central Committee meeting time and committee members’ schedules

·      Meetings will now be held from 3:30-5:30 instead of 3:00-5:00

15.8 Leadership Preview Night

·      Thursday, January 14th

·      Time to tell people what each of the ASC Central Committee positions are about

·      Come with a short description of what you do



·      Retreats: Central Committee Spring Retreat

o      Trying to find dates that will work for everyone

o      Potential Date: February 17-19,

·      In-Service: Sunday, January 15th from 1:00-3:00

·      Post-Game Blowout/Bruin Madness

o      Dance is after the basketball games

o      Central Committee should just be present

·      Wacky Wednesday

o      Maybe give the Wednesdays to other student organizations so that they can set up a Wacky Wednesday- Steph

·      Office Hours/1-on-1’s

o      Sign up with Elizabeth for a 1-on-1 meeting. Schedule office hours with Elizabeth as well



Emily- contact student organizations with decisions and also ask them about Wacky Wednesday. Send e-mails on possible retreat dates.

Edit job descriptions on applications and get back to Kevin. Make note on applications that if it is first year at Fox, student must get transcripts to Kevin

Meeting will now be at 3:30…don’t come at 3:00

In-Service this Sunday from 1-3. Liz will send an e-mail on the location

Be in Hoover 105 at 8 pm for leadership preview night with a description of what you do

Go to the Post Game Blowout dance and wear your Blue Zone t-shirt!

Schedule 1-on-1 times and office hours with Liz