ASC Minutes: 1-23-2012



January 23, 2012

16.1 Opening with highs/lows & Hot Seat- Emily

16.2 PRAYER: Alex

16.3 CALL TO ORDER: 3:52



·      All are present with Jessica Stanton joining us today


16.5 Academic Pursuit Funds- Liz

·      Proposal to add $1,500 to the Academic Pursuit Fund from Contingency.

·      We have many proposals coming up this semester that would be taken from the Academic Pursuit Fund- Stephanie and Emily

·      A lot of money was spent in the beginning of the year for this fund. We are putting a lot of money into a fund that does not affect a lot of students. We should do the best that we can and learn from the decisions we made last semester- Kevin

·      This fund affects students to a higher degree than others- Alex

·      Acknowledging the desire of the student body by putting more money in this fund- Lauren

·      Call to Question: Josh

·      Seconded: Lauren

·      Pass: 6-1-0

16.6 Christian Services Job Description- Lauren

·      Request for $500 from the Social Responsibility Fund to be contributed to the organization Home PDX

·      Call to Question: Kevin

·      Seconded: Josh

·      Pass: 6-0-1

16.7 Supreme Court Nomination- Kevin

·      Proposal to approve Kelly James for Sophomore Class Representative

·      Call to Question: Josh

·      Seconded: Carly

·      Pass: 6-0-1

16.8 Clubs Proposal- Emily

·      Proposal to pass Swing Club for provisional status

·      Call to Question: Josh

·      Seconded: Carly

·      Pass: 6-0-1

16.9 Desk Proposal- Emily

·      Proposal to purchase two desks for the ASC President and Vice President Office, totaling $599.98

·      Motion to amend to $800

·      Call to Question: Josh

·      Second: Kevin

·      Motion Passes to Amend: 6-0-1

·      Call to Question: Stephanie

·      Seconded: Carly

·      Pass: 6-0-1

16.10 Trevor Project

·      Proposal to donate $500 from the Social Responsibility Fund to the Trevor Project

·      The Trevor Project is a charitable organization that operates, among other resources, a 24-hour suicide hotline for LGBTQ youth.

·      National Organization

·      How do people here in our community know about this project?- Lauren

·      Might need more information on the project and where the money will be going before voting on it- Alex

·      Need more information on what the Trevor Project would be using our money for. A cost breakdown would be nice- Stephanie

·      Tabled 

16.11 Journalism Conference

·      Proposal for $2,524.72 from the Academic Pursuit Fund to send eight GFU Journalism/Crescent students to the National Journalism Conference in Seattle, Washington.

·      Neither The Crescent nor the journalism program are part of this a national organization, and don’t have opportunity to receive outside funds

·      Neither the journalism program not The Crescent have funds for this activity

·      Call to Amend to $50/student up to $400: Stephanie

·      Second: Carly

·      Call to Question: Kevin

·      Seconded: Carly

·      Pass: 7-0-0

16.12 Retreats Proposal- Josh

·      Proposal to receive an additional $4,500 to be used on the upcoming campus retreats.

·      Need more money for men and women’s Spring Retreat

·      Has the retreat fee that students going on the retreat pay been figured into this?- Emily …. Yes- Josh

·      The grand total for Spring retreat for meals and housing would be $9,770. Only $5,915 is left in the budget for Spring Retreat. $3,855 still needed for Spring Retreat plus $645 for snacks, crafts, games, etc. totaling $5,915

·      More money was spent on Fall Retreat to draw more people into going. It was a huge success and keeping the momentum going for Spring Retreat is desirable. There were many students that went who would not normally go to a retreat or take part in Spiritual Life activities.- Josh

·      It would be nice to see more of a cost breakdown on the request- Lauren

·      Table

16.13 Chaplain Job Description- Josh

·      Proposal to change the ASC Chaplain Position to an ASC Campus Ministry Director

·      Proposed changes:

o      CMD would no longer chair the Shalom steering team, or organize and plan Shalom with area Chaplains

o      Will facilitate student-initiated ministry, by being a source of support, help in the development process, and encouragement.

o      Shalom budget would be re-named Campus Ministry budget, and would be used to aid students in developing/supporting student led ministry.

o      CMD would serve as Chaplain to Central Committee

·      Some students have really enjoyed Shalom being purely student led, and not led by Spiritual Life- Kevin

·      Would it be possible to add a Shalom Coordinator to relieve the responsibilities that the ASC Chaplain position?- Liz

·      I feel like Josh is proposing a role in which he would oversee and manage, instead of actually running the individual aspects of the job.- Lauren

·      This position would in a way mirror the Christian Services Director, except whereas he or she focuses on off-campus ministry, the CMD would focus on on-campus ministry. – Josh

·      I have a little bit of a difficulty moving Shalom completely off of ASC because it is supposed to be a solely student led event- Liz

·      Shalom has a structure now and is a mobile ministry, so now do we continue to make Shalom the only student led ministry, or do we branch out? I feel that there is a need for something else and that this change would be positive- Josh

·      I still really like the idea of ASC coordinating a worship event such as Shalom- Kevin

·      I don’t think the focus should be on who is heading the event, but rather on the fact that we are worshipping God- Josh

·      If this is coming from Josh, and Josh is the one doing it, then he must know what is really going and what is best- Carly

·      Our energy and time could be better used being dispersed into other events in addition to Shalom- Josh

·      Shalom will still be the same, and will still be student run- Emily

·      Call to Question: Emily

·      Seconded: Carly

·      Pass: 6-0-1



Elections/Timelines- Kevin will give a timeline of the application/election process. Election night will be March 12th. Voting will start on election night and will continue for the next three days. March 15th will be the night in which counting the ballots will take place. Applications are due on February 16th.

Wacky Wednesday Discussion



Liz- talk to AJ about Trevor Project

Josh- get cost breakdown for Retreats Proposal 

Kevin- e-mail CC members the times of the elections timeline

Liz- make google doc for Wacky Wednesday

Liz- Wacky Wednesday this week

ASC CC Retreat is February 17-19