ASC Minutes: 1-30-2012


January 30, 2012

17.1 Two Truths and a Lie; Brief Committee/Personal Reports

17.2 PRAYER: Carly

17.3 CALL TO ORDER: 3:59


17.4 ROLL CALL: Emily

·      All are present with the addition of Jessica Stanton. Josh will be joining us later.


17.5 Psychology Conference

·      Proposal: $346 to send student to a psychology conference on behalf of the Society for Research of Adolescence in Vancouver, BC. Conference will take place from March 8th-10th.

·      Good opportunity for networking- Kevin

·      Proposal to Amend to $50

·      Call to Question:Kevin

·      Second:Stephanie

·      Motion Passes: 6-0-0

·      Call to Question: Kevin

·      Seconded: Stephanie

·      Pass: 6-0-0

17.6 Coin Drive Matching Proposal

·      Proposal: $300 from the Student Responsibility Fund to donate to the S-AAC (Student-Athlete Advisory Committee) coin drive held during the week of February 13th-17th for the Special Olympics

·      Schools compete against each other to see who can donate the most. We would be contributing to George Fox’s efforts- Liz

·      The information given is very vague as to what this donation would directly go towards- Lauren

·      Need to know more specifics…is it up to $300? What will the funds be used for?- Stephanie

·      9% of donations will go to management in general, 19% to fundraising, and 70% goes to activities- Alex (while looking on the Special Olympics Oregon website)

·      I would like to see these proposals including everything that they are supposed to include, meaning all of the finances broken down, etc- Kevin

·      We don’t actually know what their intentions are, so we cannot just go off of the website- Kevin

·      Tabled

17.7 Trevor Project

·      Proposal to donate $500 from the Social Responsibility Fund to the Trevor Project. The Trevor Project is a charitable organization that operates, among other

·      There isn’t anything immoral about suicide prevention- Alex

·      Suicide prevention is an easy proposal to pass, but my concern is for the LGBTQ area of this that presents a grey area for our school. - Stephanie

·      This helps people that are struggling with this serious issue, and there are a lot of people that would benefit from this hotline. This is about helping people stay alive.- Carly

·      I don’t get the feeling that this is a ‘gay-pride’ program, it is just about helping people stay alive. It’s not promoting the life-style, it’s saying ‘if you’re hurting, call us’- Kevin

·      Jesus showed compassion, and I hope that the people on the other end of this hotline would as well, and hopefully are allowed to pray with the people- Lauren

·      I agree with the mission, but my concern is for the advocacy of this - Emily

·      It’s a sticky grey area, because where do they turn these people to after the phone call? Are they further promoting the lifestyle? We need to stand firm to what our theology is. Is loving them to our full capability by giving money to this type of program and giving them resources to places that will have them continue a self destructive lifestyle?- Josh

·      I believe as Christians it’s about meeting people where they are and trusting that God will do more in their life- Kevin

·      The human sexuality committee at Fox felt that this does not fall in line with the values of Fox, due to the advocacy piece of the organization. They had a strong recommendation to not support this particular organization- Krissy

·      Maybe A.J. could re-submit for the Samaritan Counseling Center, which is a another resource that offers counseling, support groups, and specific services for LGBTQ community as well as for the community at large- Lauren

·      I don’t feel like this would be the best or most appropriate way to go about reconciliation and discussions about this issue for our student community. Something needs to be done about this on campus, but I don’t believe this is the way- Josh

·      Anytime you are given something like this, you need to research what the mission and values statement of the organization is- Krissy

·      This is tough because we are being asked to make a decision that represents the university- Lauren

·      One of the organization’s main goals is to promote awareness and acceptance of LGBTQ in schools, but it’s hard to know what kind of awareness they are promoting- Josh

·      Be aware that there will be repercussions no matter what we decide- Liz

·      It’s good that we try to figure out what we stand for, but there are lives that are in need of help here. I want to see action, and I feel like this is a fine way to take action and move towards reconciliation- Kevin

·      What is being asked for is help saving lives. But I also agree that we’re talking about bondage and eternity. This does support reconciliation and saying yes to life though- Lauren

·      We are representing the university and need to separate what’s in our hearts and what the university represents- Stephanie

·      We’re not deciding on supporting the gay community or not. We are trying to decide on whether or not this website and hotline advocates for the LGBTQ lifestyle- Alex

·      I would encourage you to look at this proposal with options. What are we trying to truly communicate? Is there another organization? You represent the whole student body.- Krissy

·      Call to Question:Kevin

·      Second: Alex

·      Pass: 4-3-0



Recruits- be talking and encouraging!



Application go out this week! Go out on Thursday the 2nd, and are due on the 16th- Kevin



Written statement explaining reasoning on passing the Trevor Project donation


Make your application signs

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