ASC Minutes: 2-27-2012





February 27, 2012


21.1 3 Things in the Last Week; Favorite Superhero/Why?


21.2 PRAYER: Emily


21.3 CALL TO ORDER: 3:51

21.4 ROLL CALL: Emily 


·     All are present, except Josh who will be joining us later. 


·     Mark Pothoff is joining us today.  






21.5 NCAA Ticket Cost


·     Proposal: $1,500 to cover student ticket costs this weekend for the NCAA basketball tournament games.


·     2 games: $750 for each game to allow 250 students in for free. (Tickets for the tournament are $3 each.

·     Call to Question: Kevin

·     Seconded: Carly


·     Pass: 6-0-0


21.6 YCAP Proposal


·     Proposal: $1,000 for YCAP (Yamhill Community Action Partnership)- a nonprofit organization in McMinnville, from the Social Responsibility Fund.


·     Motion to Amend to $500


·     Call to Question: Kevin


·     Seconded: Stephanie


·     Motion to Amend Pass: 6-0-0


·     Call to Question: Carly


·     Seconded: Stephanie


·     Pass: 6-0-0


21.7 Letter to Central- Kevin 


·     Proposal: request for Central Committee to fail the proposed Class Rep amendment to the Constitution.


·     Class reps are elected, Living area reps are appointed. 


·     8 of the 12 positions on the court are appointed. Living area reps are appointed in the first couple weeks of classes, so to ‘stack’ them with like-minded individuals would be very difficult.- Kevin 


·     Why eliminate class reps instead of living area reps?- Lauren 


·     A student reaching out to the living area reps seems much easier than trying to reach out to class reps. I believe the court will act more efficiently with less people- Kevin 


·     Some students might want the opportunity to be elected to represent their class- Lauren 


·     Class reps bring the perspective of their reps- Emily 


·     That happens organically though for the living area reps too (each are in a class and can see the class’s perspective as well). – Stephanie 


·     The way that the class reps are elected is something that I don’t feel like we should be getting rid of- Lauren  


·     If living area reps were elected, we’d lose the incoming freshman class being represented on the court- Carly 

·     We would have the elections for living area reps in fall.- Emily

·     The court is still figuring things out. This change could be good or bad. The court knows that if things don’t operate well, they can change or change back. This could be an experiment that could go well.- Kevin

·     Tabled.



Elections- Voting closed Thursday. 15th. Next two weeks are campaigning.

Mark Pothoff- Alcohol, Drugs, & Tobacco Policy Update

·     Updated policy goes into effect on March 1st

·     Policy update should be in online handbook soon



Next Action Reminders- Kelly

Follow up with people running for your positions: need to sign up for lead class for fall and will also have training hours in April.

Tent City: ASC runs this. Sign up for time slots for patrolling/being present will be available soon!

April 23rd: CC dinner for dead day

Monthly reports

Talk to students about class reps