ASC Minutes: 3-12-2012





March 12, 2012


23.1 High/Low & Best compliment you ever received


23.2 PRAYER: Kevin 


23.3 CALL TO ORDER: 3:49

24.4 ROLL CALL: Emily


·     All are present. Josh will be joining at 4:30 






24.5 Camera Proposal- Emily


·     Proposal: $899.95 for The Crescentto purchase a Nikon 1 J1 and Two Lens Zoom Kit for use by the reporters and staff.   

·     There was a camera purchased last year for The Crescent, but it was not the best choice and has been rough for the reporters- Carly.

·     The quality of pictures will be a lot better with this camera.- Carly

·     They are wanting to become professional journalists after school and a lot of that is understanding how to use professional cameras such as this one- Lauren

·     It would be nice to have a checkout system at end of year for protection of camera- Kevin

·     This would come out of the Equipment Budget- Liz

·     Maybe they could get a lock for a cabinet to store them camera in and keep it safe- Carly

·     Propoer safety measures must be taken- Kevin/Steph

·     Call to Question: Carly   


·     Seconded: Kevin   


·     Pass: 6-0-0  


23.6 Community Life Fund- Kevin


·     Proposal: $534 for Houses and Apartments East, Houses and Apartments West, and Houses and Apartments North to host the annual movie-in-the-pool night for residents.   


·     Affecting 100-150 students  


·     Call to Question: Kevin   


·     Seconded: Stephanie   


·     Pass: 6-0-0  


20.7 KFOX Travel Proposal


·     Proposal: Add $675 to the KFOX Travel Budget so that KFOX Sports can broadcast the women’s basketball team’s games in the Final Four in Michigan.


·     Total cost for the trip is $1,510. $1,000 was in the budget for travel expenses. ASC approve $1,400 more to that account giving a total of $2,500. KFOX has now spent a total of $1,664 for this year in travel and that leaves $836 left for this year. $1,510-$836=$674.  


·     Plane ticket: $750 (based on a flight to Milwaukee)+2 bags @ $50/bag= $850.  


·     These costs are for Chris Lumsden and Justin Sweeney to go, however Justin is not a student, so I don’t feel right about ASC paying for him to go as well-Liz 


·     Cut food costs in half since those are the costs that would be going towards Justin as well. 


·     This plane ticket price seems awfully high- Stephanie 


·     We can cover up to $600 for a flight (including bag).- Liz  


·     Knocking off $250 from plane ticket/bags, and $70 from food 


·     Total trip cost cut by $320 


·     Motion to Amend to $355


·     Call to Amend to $355: Kevin


·     Second: Stephanie


·     Motion to Amend passes: 6-0-0


·     Call to Question: Stephanie


·     Seconded: Kevin

·     Pass: 6-0-0



-Krissy Findley: Chapel topic happening Wednesday that has caused ongoing conversations/opinions. Encourage to be listeners, and respectful in any student conversations. Off campus event also happening Wednesday night (not a GFU sponsored event).

-Tent City: required to sign up. Be prepared to be the ‘keepers’ of Tent City

-Elections: Be there by 6:00.



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