ASC Minutes: 3-19-2012





March 19, 2012


24.1 3 Things from last weekend/Brief Committee Reports


24.2 PRAYER: Stephanie  


24.3 CALL TO ORDER: 4:09

24.4 ROLL CALL: Emily


·     All are present. Josh will be joining at 4:30.  






24.5 Student Project Fund Proposal- Fruit Tree


·     Proposal: $462 to buy 21 fruit trees including 5 apple, 3 plum, 3 fig, 4 pear, 3 peach, and 3 apricot, to be planted at the on-campus community garden.


·     At least $10,000 still left in the SPF budget 


·     Call to Question: Carly


·     Seconded: Stephanie


·     Pass: 6-0-0


24.6 Student Project Fund- Compost Bin


·     Proposal: $484.96 to build a compost bin in the community garden.


·     Locate by the VAC in the community garden- Lauren 


·     Covered, stirred, and new soil will be put in (to help with smell)- Lauren 


·     Call to Question: Kevin


·     Seconded: Carly


·     Pass: 6-0-0


24.7 Student Project Fund- Pergola


·     Proposal: $4,269 to build a pergola (covering) over the old helicoptor pad, in back of the VAC for the community garden.


·     Call to Question: Carly


·     Seconded: Stephanie


·     Pass: 6-0-0


24.8 Class Rep Amendment- Kevin 


·     Proposal: To dissolve the class representatives positions


·     It would be nice to have living area reps be able to vote for the student body- Alex 


·     This would dissolve the class rep positions and allow for the living area reps to have an election. Six elections for six different positions. - Liz

·     Main purpose of this is to dissolve the class reps, and add piece of mind for those who want positions to be appointed. – Kevin

·     From campus to campus, there are class reps. It is kind of the model and the way it is set up for politics, and I am not comfortable dissolving those positions and what they represent. School wise, it is kind of traditional that you have class reps. I can understand the desire to want to decrease the size of the court, but not in this way. There is no guarantee that the living area reps would become elected positions- Lauren

·     Is there a way for us to dissolve this while knowing that there will be elected positions on the court? I would like to see that- Alex

·     My question is why should we emphasize class. In high school, the class you are in is very defined, but here it varies- Kevin

·     It is tradition to have class reps- Lauren

·     There are a far greater number of students here who are here for four year students and are traditionally students, and I feel like the class rep tradition needs to stay- Emily

·     If this goes forward and passes, I would still like to see a form of democratic process on the Supreme Court

·     Move to amend to dissolve positions contingent upon there being elected positions elsewhere on the court


·     Call to Question: Kevin


·     Second: Carly


·     Move to Amend Passes: 4-2-0


·     Call to Question: Kevin


·     Seconded: Carly


·     Motion Passes: 4-2-0






-New Team Meeting: Coffee Cottage at 3:30 (Monday after Spring Break)




·     You need to have 10 hours of training time for you and the person you are training. Instill in them what you would have liked to know at the beginning of the year.


·     April Events: Late night breakfast, spring formal, various campus events, large university things happening that might have to do with ASC.


·     Induction April 19th (Thursday before finals week). Scavenger Hunt, letters, t-shirts, etc






Spread word about Mascot Design Contest- Emily


Thinking about letter to new CC member- Liz


Set aside dinner time at the Findleys for finals week- Krissy


Think about any changes to budgets that you might want to propose. E-mail them to Alex by the Thursday after Spring Break (April 5th).- Alex


Spell out for your successor what budgets are used for. - Liz

Monthly reports- Krissy

April 19th mark on calendars (induction)

Set up training time for you and your successor