ASC Minutes: 4-2-2012





April 2, 2012


25.1 Spring Break stories, fun question.


25.2 PRAYER: Stephanie 


25.3 CALL TO ORDER:  4:05

25.4 ROLL CALL: Emily


·     All are present, including new 2012-2013 committee members.  






25.5 Community Life Fund Proposal- Kevin


·     Proposal: $330 be given to help the Fox Film Festival committee purchase refreshments for the red carpet ceremony before the festival, which is taking place on Saturday, April 14th at 5:30 pm.


·     Affecting 330+ students 


·     $330 for fresh baked cookies 


·     Call to Question: Stephanie


·     Seconded: Carly


·     Pass: 7-0-0


25.6 Community Life Fund Proposal- Kevin 


·     Proposal: $600 to help fund the Residence Life BBQ banquet at the end of the school year.  


·     Total cost of event is $800; asking for $600

·     Event is on April 23rd

·     This would wipe out about half of the budget- Kevin

·     62 students present and 7 professional staff

·     In past, ASC has funded this as kind of a ‘thank you’ to res life- Krissy

·     Works out to be about $10/student- Kevin

·     We only have two more meetings left- Josh

·     Call to Question: Carly


·     Seconded: Kevin


·     Pass: 7-0-0






-Training: Required to put in about 10 hours of training with predecessor. Required to attend Late Night Breakfast and Spring Formal (dates listed under ‘Announcements’)

-Budget Changes:Need budget changes by this Thursday! (To Alex). Go over budget with trainees.


-Standing Committee Application Changes: Applications will go out within next two weeks. Review applications and submit changes by Thursday! (To Kevin)


-End of the Year Rap-up- Krissy: 


·     Set up training hours and e-mail Krissy 


·     Monthly reports; March report is due; post on wiki 


·     Walkabout forms 


·     Go over budgets and apps 


·     Dead Day: Training time at Krissy’s Monday morning (Dead Day Monday) for new members. 10:30 am. 3 hours together! Current members go to Krissy’s at 5 pm.  


·     Recruiting! Put sign up sheet by application folder for name and e-mail 


·     Spring Formal- everyone required to attend. Tickets provided for committee.  


·     Late Night Breakfast- everyone required to attend.  


·     Monday meetings next year 3:00-5:00 


·     Sign up for LEAD class for fall. If you have a class conflict, talk to Krissy ASAP. 




-Easter Event (this Thursday). Your duty: help distribute eggs

-Blazers Event (Next Wednesday). Tickets will be sold soon! (in mail now)

-Bruin Preview Concert (Next Thursday evening).

-Spring Formal- April 22 (required for everyone to attend). Portland Art Museum.

-Late Night Breakfast- April 23 (required for everyone to attend). Bon

-Crater Carnival- Saturday, April 21st if anyone would like to go and volunteer. Talk to Emily.



10 hours of training! E-mail Krissy training hours

Go over your budgets! Submit changes to Alex by this Thursday

Review standing committee applications. Report any changes to Kevin by this Thursday

Monthly reports

Appointments for doctor checkups and physicals

Sign up for LEAD class for fall if you haven’t already