ASC Minutes: 9-5-2011







Opening with highs/lows and committee reports



CALL TO ORDER: 3:33 pm

·     All are present

o  Brad Lau will join later





1.5 WIBC Proposal: Liz

·     WIBC (Western International Band Clinic). Any financial help appreciated.

·     GFU Symphonic Band is traveling to WIBC in the Seattle area on 11/19/11.

o  Total cost of trip would be $8,620 for travel and hotel

o  Band’s travel budget is $5,000, all of which will be used for this trip.

o  Fundraising might be an option as well

o  ASC could help with travel and hotel amount

o  Propose to donate $2,030

o  Call to Question: Kevin

o  Seconded: Stephanie

o  Motion Passes 7-0-0

1.6 DVD Rental Machine Agreement: Liz

·     Video Rental Machine “Fox Box”

·     Trevor Marugg would be installing and operating of a video kiosk machine in the GFU Student Union Building, for the purpose of renting and selling DVD videos

o  ASC would receive 10% of the gross sales from the machine

o  Rentals would include new releases, and would be $2/day and older movies $1/day.

o  Could be downstairs in the FoxHole, but Marugg prefers upstairs SUB

o  Discussion about censoring movies, how to filter them, movie ratings, and school values

·     Set aside until further meeting

1.9 Brad Lau

·     Discussed projects:

·     Athletic Fields- Add Football by 2013

·     Renovation of campus for Physical Therapy- Program starts next year

·     Dining Hall

o   Completed this or next summer

o  Declining balance meal plan for Breakfast and Lunch, all you can eat dinner

·     Covered Tennis Center

·     Student Union Building

o  Campaign for money beginning in a year or two

o  Connected between the Dining Area and Library

1.7 Community Life Fund: Kevin

§ Main Event Snack Funding

§ Proposed amount for snacks $497.53

§ Call to Question: Kevin

§ Second: Carly

§ Passed: 7-0-0

1.8 Community Life Fund: Kevin

·     Women’s Self Defense Class

·     Proposed amount $200 from Community Life and $200 for Residence Life

·     Amend to $120 (Each student pays $10): Kevin

·     Second: Carly

·     Pass $120: 7-0-0

·     Call to Question: Josh

·     Second: Stephanie

·     Pass: 7-0-0





1.10 Financial planning with Alex

1.11 Team Mission Statement: Postponed until later meeting 



·     Send Committee ID numbers to Alex, and Krissy for Card Access

·     Budget Proposals by Friday

·     Volunteer Agreements

·     Serve Day table: Everyone