ASC Minutes: 10-24-2011



October 24, 2011

8.1 Attitude of Gratitude

8.2 PRAYER: Emily

8.3 CALL TO ORDER: 3:25



·      All are present

·      Stephanie Abdulmajid  will be joining at 3:30



8.5 Student Organizations Evaluations- Emily/Stephanie Abdulmajid

·      Correction from last meeting: Psychology Club is a chartered club, not a provisional club.

·      Last week, Central Committee passed this club as a provisional club.

·      Proposal to pass Psychology as a chartered club

·      Call to question: Carly

·      Second: Stephanie

·      Pass: 5-0-2

8.6 Blue Zone Stipend- Stephanie

·      Proposal: $170 to be added to the current amount of the Blue Zone Coordinator’s pay.

·      Her current pay is $660 and the rest of the activities coordinators on the activities committee receive $830.

·      This would come from the contingency budget.

·      Call to question: Josh

·      Second: Kevin

·      Pass: 6-0-1

8.7 Photographer Positions- Alex

·      Proposal: Rename the two photographer positions from Dark Room photographers to one photographer for The Crescent and one photographer for L’Ami.

·      Call to question: Josh

·      Second: Kevin

·      Pass: 6-0-1


8.8 Community Life Fund: Closing the Gap Event- Kevin

·      Proposal: $375 for a four-day event called “Closing the Gap” held on November 14th-17th at George Fox University.

·      Requested by International Justice Mission

·      Call to Question: Carly

·      Second: Stephanie

·      Pass: 7-0-0

8.9 Community Life Fund: HMS Brother/Sister Fallapalooza- Kevin

·      Proposal: $208.06 be given to support the HMS Brother/Sister Fallapalooza held on October 29th at Heiser Farms.

·      Both Hobson 1 girls and Sutton 1 boys are invited to attend. Approximately 35 students.

·      Call to Question: Kevin

·      Second: Josh

·      Pass: 7-0-0

8.10 Community Life Fund: Sutton 3 ‘Roomies’ Activity- Kevin

·      Proposal: $252 be given to support Sutton 3’s ‘Roomies’ activity on October 30th at the Haunted Corn Maze in Sauvie Island.

·      28 admission tickets (Group rate- $9/person)

·      Call to Question: Josh

·      Second: Kevin

·      Pass: 6-1-0



Bingo- Stephanie

·      Sign up for volunteer spots

3000 Dance- Stephanie

·      Help decorate @ 6:00

Wacky Wednesday- Emily



Wacky Wednesday- Alex has it this week

Turn in monthly reports

Complete ASC online evaluations

Help decorate at the dance- 6:00 Saturday

Meeting adjourned: 4:33