ASC Minutes: 10-31-2011





October 31, 2011


9.1 Attitude of Gratitude


9.2 PRAYER: Alex


9.3 CALL TO ORDER: 3:29



·     All are present

·     Sarah Cadd has returned

·     Mark Pothoff is joining today





9.5 Supreme Court Letter- Kevin


·     In accordance with Article II, section 7, subsection 2 of the ASC Constitution, item 8.6 from October 24, 2011’s meeting (Blue Zone Stipend) has been deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. 


·      Central Committee has been asked to abandon any action associated with this proposal.  


9.6 Justice Conference Proposal


·     Proposal: $1,960 toward subsidizing student attendance of the upcoming Justice Conference in Portland, OR. Funds will come from the Academic Pursuit budget.


·     This cost is $49 of the $79 cost per student, for 40 students 


·     Conference will take place February 24-25, 2012 


·     Call to Question: Kevin 


·     Seconded: Stephanie 


·     Pass: 6-0-1 




For items 9.7-9.12, Central Committee’s duty was to vote on whether or not the proposals met criteria


9.7 Student Project Fund Proposal- Emily


·    Proposal: Rope Swings in the canyon


·    Call to Question: Kevin 


·    Second: Josh 


·    Pass: 7-0-0 


9.8 Student Project Fund Proposal- Emily


·    Proposal: Move Bookstore to Stevens 109 so that the current Bookstore can be transformed into a room for student bonding.


·    Call to Question: Kevin 


·    Second: Carly 


·    Fail: 0-7-0 


9.9 Student Project Fund Proposal- Emily


·    Proposal: New bruin mascot costume


·    Call to Question: Josh 


·    Second: Carly 


·    Pass: 7-0-0 


9.10 Student Project Fund Proposal- Emily


·    Proposal: Giving first year students the same ‘free’ laptop opportunity as previous years’ students


·    Call to Question: Emily 


·    Second: Kevin 


·    Pass: 0-7-0 


9.11 Student Project Fund Proposal- Emily


·    Proposal: Picnic Benches


·    Call to Question: Josh

·    Second: Kevin

·    Pass: 7-0-0

9.12 Student Project Fund Proposal- Emily

·    Proposal: Walkstations in the Library

·    Call to Question: Kevin

·    Second: Carly

·    Pass: 7-0-0



Honorarium Changes Clause- Kevin

·     Discussion on whether or not it would be beneficial to change the Honorarium Changes Clause

Supreme Court Findings

·     Parking

·     Communication

·     International Students

·     Floor Hours

Wacky Wednesday- Josh has it this week.


Wacky Wednesday- Josh has it this week! Piñata?

Have questions for University Relations when Fred Gregory and Vangie come to the meeting next week!

Monthly Reports

Liz and Emily talk to Brad and Mark about floor hours and parking

Meeting dismissed at 4:34