ASC Minutes: 11-21-2011



November 21, 2011

12.1 Attitude of Gratitude; Favorite Part of Retreat

12.2 PRAYER: Carly

12.3 CALL TO ORDER: 3:29



·      All are present

·      Meredith Dougherty is joining us today


12.5 KFOX Membership

·      Request: $125 for continuing KFOX’s yearly membership with College Broadvasters, Inc.

·      Funds would come from Contingency Fund

·      Call to Question: Josh         

·      Seconded: Stephanie

·      Pass: 6-0-1

12.6 Alpha Psi

·      Request: $4,000 to send students to the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival.

·      $200 per person x 20 students= $4,000

·      $200 is about 1/3 of the total cost per person

·      Festival will take place in Fort Collins, CO. in February 2012

·      Funds would come from Academic Pursuit Fund

·      Stephanie- mentioned that many of these students have been nominated for specific competitions at this festival and that this will look great on resumes

·      Lauren and Stephanie- we should be consistent with our funding

·      Kevin- This is a significant portion of this fund.

·      Stephanie- We do not know how many proposals are going to come in next semester

·      Carly- We need to be responsible with these funds.

·      Propose to Amend: $600

·      Call to Amend: Lauren

·      Seconded: Carly

·      Motion to Amend passes: 6-1-0

·      Call to Question: Emily

·      Seconded: Carly

·      Motion Pass: 5-2-0

12.7 Community Life Fund- Kevin

·      Request: $247.25 to Villa, Lyda, and Barclay House to go to the Zoo Lights for an area activity.

·      23 students invited x $10.75 for zoo tickets= $247.25

·      Event will take place on December 3rd.

·      Stephanie- this is the same night as the Christmas on the Quad campus event.

·      Emily- it is probable that not all 23 residents will go

·      Call to Question: Emily

·      Seconded: Carly

·      Motion Passes: 6-1-0

12.8 Community Life Fund

·      Request: $372.95 for Hobson 2 roomies event on December 10th, 2011

·      Ice-skating tickets total $322 + $50.95 for food, paper cups etc.

·      Event would be at the Sherwood Ice Rink, and baking and decorating cookies with hot chocolate at the Sutton Café would follow after

·      23 of the floor residents have expressed interest in going

·      23 x 2 (residents and their dates)= 46 people

·      Alex- we could give half of the ice skating cost ($322), which would equal $161. This way we would be paying for the girls’ tickets, and they can pay for their date’s.

·      Emily- we need to be mindful of our budget, but remain consistent as well

·      Propose to Amend: $161

·      Call to Amend: Emily

·      Seconded: Carly

·      Motion to Amend Passes: 6-0-1

·      Call to Question: Stephanie

·      Seconded: Carly

·      Motion passes: 7-0-0



Supreme Court Findings- Kevin

·      Gathered from Supreme Court’s members’ discussions with fellow students about what they would like to see at Fox.

·      Activities

o      More cultural events

o      More dances

o      3 hour dances

·      The Bon

o      Option to give extra meals to other people- i.e. parents

o      Reimburse for meals not used

o      Extend the hours of the Bruin Den           

·      Senior Transitions

o      Events for seniors to find jobs

o      Seminars for life (bills, loans, etc)

·      Gym

o      Extend gym hours on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

o      Expand the size of the gym

·      Campus Additions

o      More lights in the canyon

o      Ensure that the emergency stations work

o      Put a bridge in the Canyon (HMS to the Bon)

·      Foxhole

o      Longer Foxhole hours for everyone, not just for commuters

·      Parking

o      Concerns about staff parking in student parking

o      Motorcycle parking spots

o      Extend parking zone when there is a recital

o      Parking garage

·      Chapel

o      Have more student relevant chapels (alcohol problems, porn, sex, etc)

o      Make chapel optional

·      Wacky Wednesday

o      Use e-announcements         

Christmas Party

·      Party for Sub-Committees

·      White Elephant Gift Party (not allowed to spend money on it!)

·      Christmas music

·      Lights

·      Snacks

·      Sunday December 4th: 7-8:30 pm

Leadership Conference/Letters- Emily

·      Emily and Liz attended Leadership Conference at University of Portland

o      “Honesty is the Best Policy”

o      Marker Wars

·      Letters from Retreats


·      Wacky Wednesday: Emily has it this week

·      Career Services Next Week

·      Lip Sync tonight! Doors open at 7:30, Show starts at 8



Carly- propose for KFOX membership fund

Emily and Liz- Christmas Party Food

Josh- Invitations for Christmas Party