ASC Minutes: 12-5-2010



December 5th, 2011

14.1 Opening with Biggest Pet Peeve and Committee Reports and ÒWhat chu got going on.Ó

14.2 PRAYER: Lauren

14.3 CALL TO ORDER: Elizabeth  3:27pm

14.4 ROLL CALL: Emily  

á Kelly Coolen is absent and Sarah Cadd is taking minutes.


14.5 Crescent Business Manager Commission- Carly

á Proposal: 20% of gross sales in advertisements would go to Business Manager for ad sales from the community.  Normally $300 per issue is added to the paper.

á Alex wants to add a cap, a maximum that they can reach.

á Call to Ammend: Stephanie

á Seconded: Lauren 

á Pass: 7-0-0 -10% of gross sales, $290 maximum for a year.

á Call to Question: Stephanie 

á Seconded: Carly 

á Pass: 6-0-1 

14.6 Academic Pursuit

á Elise Stewart- Studying abroad during summer term, and needs $3,930 for tuition and living with an additional $750 for airfare.  

á Concern brought up about passing a study abroad proposal for this fund.  

á Call to Question: Kevin 

á Seconded: Carly 

á Fail: 0-7-0

14.7 Nomination Proposal

á Proposing for Wesley Jones to be Junior Class Representative because of resignation in the position.

áConcern about Wesley also working on ASC as a Foxhole Barista.

áKevin- Wesley is the only qualified applicant, he wants a smooth transition for Representative and the Court.

áCall to Question: Emily

áSeconded: Stephanie

áPass: 6-0-1

14.8 Double Position

áWesley Jones working two positions.

áCall to Question: Stephanie

áSeconded: Josh

áPass: 6-0-1

14.9 Budget Proposal

áIncrease Community Life Fund from $11,000 to $14,000.

áSupreme Court has allotted close to $7,000 so far this semester.

áCall to Question: Alex

áSeconded: Carly

áPass: 6-0-1

14.10 CLF Proposal

á$210.00 to rent out Sherwood Ice Arena- if not enough money is raised, the funds allotted will still go to public skate time.

áCall to Question: Alex

áSeconded: Carly

áPass: 7-0-0

14.11 CLF Proposal

á$200.00 for Ice Skating Roomies- Just paying for their own skating and skates, and the individual girls will pay for their dates.

áCall to Question: Carly

áSeconded: Stephanie

áPass: 7-0-0


áTeam Discussion:

oExpectations for Central Committee next semester


áLate Night Breakfast

áStudent Project Fund

áASC Christmas Party


Wacky Wednesday (LAST ONE!)

Sign up to sell tickets

Swing Instruction Night- Thursday, Dance Sunday