ASC Minutes: 09-10-2012

ASC Minutes: 9-10-2012




Monday, September 10, 2012

3.1 PRAYER: Wesley.

3.2 Catch up on where everyone is at with his or her committee.  

3.3 CALL TO ORDER: 3:50pm

3.4 ROLL CALL: Jessica. All are present including Joel.


3.5 CLF: Van Drive for International Club – Minxiang Sun

Proposal: To provide the van drive service to international students. The total amount we need is $394 for this semester.


-       Wes: How much is left in the CLF?

-       Brandon: So far, a little less that a thousand.

-       Josh: So this is saying 34/van or total?

-       Wes: I think it’s total.

-       Josh: Is there a way to amend this and let them propose later in the semester? I would like to give them money but when they need it.

-       Margaret: Isn’t this a club?

-       Jessica: I though of that too and it would only leave 1100 in the club budget after this.

-       Wes: They proposed this to the CLF? Wait, it doesn’t say.

-       Brandon: We only pay 50 cent s a mile.

-       Josh: So because it’s a club it might have to come out of a different fund?

-       Toni: Can you make it exclusive to just that club out of the CLF?

-       Jessica: Applications however for Clubs haven’t happened yet so therefore they aren’t a school sponsored club.

-       Bryan: I am pretty sure its 50 or 51 cents a mile that gets refunded. Also I like Josh’s idea of only doing September.

-       Jessica: It would be 55 dollars for the month of September

-       Margaret: it would actually have to be 110 because its times two.

-       Josh: Yeah so it would be like 2 dollars a person

-       Bryan: When I talked to international leaders the biggest thing is being able to get off campus


Motion to Amend: Toni (the amount to 110 for the month of September.)

Seconded: Josh

Amendment Passes: 7-0-0

Call to Question: Josh

Seconded: Marissa

Motion Passes: 7-0-0

3.6 CLF: Ed 3 Brother Sister Floor Reunion: Spaghetti Dinner – James Pena

Proposal: I propose that $25.46 be given to support the Ed 3 Brother/Sister Floor Reunion. The event took place on September 6th and nearly all of the residents on our floors attended, approximately 24 people.


-       Wes: It happened two days ago. We would be reimbursing.

Seconded: Toni

Motion Passes: 7-0-0

3.7 CLF: International students’ fellowship (LJ) groceries – Louis Liu

Proposal: To buy soda pop, ice cream, rice, chicken drumsticks, and vegetable mix to have a Chinese style stir-fry for international students.


-       Marissa: This is an eclectic dinner.

-       Jessica: This is a retroactive one as well. They had like about 40 people go.

-       Toni: It’s like 5.50 a person.

-       Bran: When is the Supreme Court in session?

-       Jessica: Its about two weeks … by the 21st they will all be hired.

-       Toni: Should we look at the others to see hoe much we will have left going into next week?

-       Wes: It looks like another 500 worth of funds.

-       Josh: For the retroactive ones, we said there wasn’t a time… so we could tell them to wait until the Supreme Court shows up.

-       Jessica: So we can table it and table it next week so the Supreme Court could vote on it.

-       Brandon: This is a once a week event so does that mean he will keep asking.

-       Jessica: I suggested that they should apply per month not per week.

-       Toni: that’s going to be a lot of money 

Motion to Table: Marissa

Seconded: Margaret

Motion Tabled: 7-0-0

3.8 CLF: Women’s Self Defense Class – Rachel Arias

Proposal: That RL and the CLF divide the initial costs.  RL will provide $200.00 and (our request is) that CLF also provide $200.00.   If non-undergraduate students (i.e., staff. graduate students, etc.) desire to take the class the CLF funds will not provide for their costs, they will either pay their own way or by the RL contribution.


-       Wes: This looks like something that has been going on for about 4 years.

-       Margaret: I’m confused – is everyone paying 25$ then pay the instructor $400?

-       Josh: If we pass it, it would be free for the instructor to go.

-       Toni: I’m confused what the 25 is going towards…

-       Margaret: If we give 200 and Res. Life gives 200 then the event will be free. I don’t think it’s be free in the past though.

-       Marissa: Is this pretty popular?

-       Joel: They fill up every year.

-       Josh: How have they funded in the past?

-       Joel: I think they have come to student government.

-       Brandon: Are they asking for 200?

-       Margaret: Yes. Allowing it to be free may make it chaotic.

-       Joel: It’s first come first serve. They just like to see the funding come back.

-       Wes: Each girl pays 25 in advanced and they get their money back if they get funding.

-       Josh: I think they pay the instructor gets paid more if more people come.

-       Wes: Do you guys feel good?

-       Bryan: In my mind this is very different from anything else we do. I don’t see this as a bad thing but it doesn’t seem like paying for a class is community life. It’s kind of a personal thing.

-       Jessica: When we receive funds from the Res. Life they will always target CLF because it is residents coming together so its still forming community.

-       Bryan: But I disagree.

-       Toni: I feel that this is similar to the proposal from last week and that there isn’t a fund this should come out of.

-       Bryan: I would rather see this amount of money go to different events.

-       Josh: Could this be something where they come back and we give them some now?

-       Margaret: They couldn’t do that because it would be double dipping.

-       Brandon: I’m for the idea I guess its good…it will be a tight squeeze financially for the next couple weeks.

-       Bryan: I think there is more when it comes to building relationships rather than a bunch of girls in a room learning self-defense.

-       Jessica: That is unfair to say that because you cant assume what relationships will be built there.

-       Margaret: What about amending it to $100

-       Toni: I like the idea to amending it to half because it is partially building community but not entirely so amending it to half will meet both sides in the middle.

-       Joel: There are a couple more proposals too that are retroactive.

-       Wes: We’ll vote on the amended amount and then the motion.

Motion to Amend: Toni (the amount to $100 instead of $200.)

Seconded: Margaret

Amendment Passes: 7-0-0

Call to Question: Josh

Seconded: Marissa

Motion Passes: 6-1-0

3.9 CLF: Reunion BBQ – Carly Halverson

Proposal: The India team has missed each other and would like to catch up and talk about our adventure in India after a summer apart. We also would like to reminisce about how awful the

Indian food was while we enjoy a great Korean-American BBQ! Total Cost: $156.51.


-       Wes: This is also retroactive.

-        Josh: Should we table or vote.

-       Toni: Well I think this should be voted on if we have the money use it.

-       Marissa: But, we tabled that other one we wouldn’t be consistent.

-       Jessica: Exactly.

-       Margaret: But that was an every week thing so it would be better to leave it up to Supreme Court to start that trend.

-       Jessica: In staying with consistency should we go back and vote on the tabled proposal?

-       Brandon: We could bring it back next week too.

-       Jessica: I think tabling the retroactive ones is smart but at the same time why do we have this fund.

-       Josh: What about this proposal on the table?

-       Margaret: How many people were involved?

-       Marissa: Probably about 10 to 20.

-       Bryan: I think we should would be consistent.

-       Toni: I don’t think so.

-       Jessica: But that doesn’t make sense to me because it is asking for the same thing.

-       Wes: We could table it and then next week when we come back after we could vote on those.

Motion to Table: Marissa

Seconded: Josh

Motion Tabled: 6-1-0

3.10 Foxhole Stipend Increase – Brandon Yoshihara

Proposal: I propose that the stipends of the Foxhole Manager, Assistant Foxhole Manager, and 9

Baristas are increased by $100 each – total $3,300.


-       Wes: This says everyone should be paid a 300 stipend each

-       Brandon: Yes that is the one I intended. Each barista will work once a week and once a month twice a week. The revenue should cover the rest of this change. But this extra money will support the extra days they will work.

Call to Question: Marissa

Seconded: Jessica

Motion Passes: 7-0-0

3.11 CLF: Macy 1 Birthday Celebration – Sarah Gilmore

Proposal: I would like to request $34.22 to buy enough supplies to make one cake each month for the rest of the year.


-       Bryan: Is that for the whole year?

-       Marissa: I think so.

-       Bryan: But you would need to buy eggs more than once?

-       Toni: I think it would equal out in the long run.

Call to Question: Josh

Seconded: Toni

Motion Passes: 7-0-0

3.14 CLF: Latino Heritage Month Kick off: El Grio: Mexico’s Independence Day Celebration - Karina Ramirez Velázquez (Latino Heritage Club Events Coordinator)

Proposal: To fund 15 Latino Heritage Club members and non-members max tickets; to also fund the rental fee for a University Van rental. Total amount for the entire trip $ 98.13.


-       Wes: This is from clubs not CLF. However, because there are no clubs yet it would have to come out of the CLF.

-       Marissa: So the total is $98?

-       Jessica: Yes.

-       Josh: I think that if they made the math mistake and did under 50 cents a mile that’s on them.

-       Toni: If its not going to make a difference we should just vote.

Call to Question: Toni

Seconded: Josh

Motion Passes: 7-0-0

3.12 CLF: Gail/Kershner House Smores – Jason Kelly

Proposal: On Sunday, September 9th, the ladies of Kershner House will be coming over to Gail House to join all of my guys for a campfire and smores. I expect anywhere between 15 and 30 people to attend. Any leftover smores supplies will be reused in the future for another campfire event.


-       Wes: This is retroactive, yet it is small.

-       Josh: Even though its small we should stay consistent.

-       Toni: I do not think I will vote that way again.

-       Marissa: I think Brandon made sense before.

Motion to Table: Marissa

Seconded: Josh

Motion Tabled: 6-1-0

3.14 Budget Adjustments for Academic Pursuit fund and Social Responsibility Fund – Wesley Jones

Proposal: I propose that we move $10,000 from the Social Responsibility Fund to the Academic Pursuit Fund.


-       Wes: We can’t change the names or how they are voted on because Supreme Court is not in session. So we will switch some budgets around and broaden what can be included.

-       Toni: So was moving this towards learning something new in general.

-       Wes: The funds will still be voted on here. Once SC is in session the name could be changed.

Call to Question: Brandon

Seconded: Toni

Motion Passes: 7-0-0

3.13 Budget Criteria Change for The Academic Pursuit Fund – Wesley Jones

Proposal: I propose that we change the criteria for using the Academic

Pursuit Fund. 


-       Jessica: I do not think we should do this last one … supporting a retroactive event could be problematic.

-       Margaret: So they shouldn’t be able to use this fund retroactive?

-       Jessica: Yes.

-       Toni: Can you do that on other funds?

-       Jessica: Yes but it could depend on who’s in charge of it.

-       Toni: But why should that not be allowed?

-       Bryan: I agree I don’t understand why.

-       Jessica: I don’t think its fair and its different that how I would budget the fund.

-       Toni: I don’t think it will change the amount they will get if they do it retroactively. No matter how much we try to advertise it … there will be much who doesn’t know. Were not obligated to pay people back.

-       Josh: What is your rationale?

-       Wes: I agree with both because I think you are expected to be an adult in college and budget correctly but at the same time I have a soft heart and may want to give people money. We could come back and change this wording later, I just wanted to get this moving.

-       Joel: How are you going to use the reflection?

-       Jessica: I think that we would bring the reflection before you guys and possibly pick something that was significant to advertise to students about the fund.

-       Jessica: I think we may need to reword the amendment at the end.

-       Toni: Even if they were passed they still need to write a reflection. What happens if they don’t write the reflection? How do we monitor that?

-       Wes: I’m not going to hunt them down if they don’t do it.

-       Joel: Then why do it.

-       Wes: If they didn’t then I’m not going to police them.

-       Toni: I don’t like that it says they can only submit it once a semester.

-       Jessica: I think that is more work than anything.

-       Toni: I just think students should get more out of it than once a semester.

-       Jessica: I think capping it would not be fair for some who may want to use more. If we take that mentality then why shouldn’t we do that for CLF?

-       Bryan: Were looking out for the interest of everyone so if they use it they’re already getting benefits from it.

-       Josh: I think it would be impossible to come up with a reasonable cap. Either way people will get gipped.

-       Jessica: There’s got to be a reason why it’s been stated this way. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

-       Toni: I just think that if we could do this better we should.

-       Marissa: But that’s our whole system.

-       Jessica: Saying only once does make it consistent because it gives everyone an opportunity.

-       Josh: I think the main thing that is changing it the funding.

Call to Question: Margaret

Seconded: Marissa

Motion Passes: 7-0-0

3.14 Coffin 1 East Pancake Night – Alex Nauman

Proposal: The costs to pay for a pancake night for approximately 20 people. The final costs ended up being $15.35.


-       Josh: We should just table it.

Motion to Table: Josh

Seconded: Margaret

Motion Tabled: 7-0-0


-       One on Ones

-       Goals

-       Retreat Reminder


-       Upcoming Events

o   Main Event, Saturday

o   80s Dance – the 21st – required to be there at 7pm

o   Homecoming and Family Weekend – we are required to be at events  - Oct. 26th - 28th  

o   Slip n’ Slide – 18th

o   First James Project – this Saturday

o   ASC Elections start Wednesday, September 19th

o   Opening Night in Foxhole – September 28th 

o   LBGTQ Panel – October 10th

o   September 26th – Fox Talks… President Baker Speaking

o   Frist Crescent comes out first week of October