ASC Minutes: 09-17-2012

ASC Minutes: 9-17-2012




Monday, September 17, 2012

4.1 PRAYER: Josh.

4.2 Committee Updates

4.3 CALL TO ORDER: 3:49pm

4.4 ROLL CALL: Jessica. All are present including Joel and Alex, reporter from The Crescent.


4.5 Picture Scavenger Hunt Event in Portland for International Club – Casey Bowman

Proposal: Hold the picture scavenger hunt event in Portland. The total amount we would need is $215 for this event.


-       Toni: I know for Christian Services you cant ask people to drive their own cars anymore. How does that work?

-        Joel: Well we don’t students driving their own cars for official university events and if they do then they have to be approved by the university. That way our insurance will cover them more if something were to happen.

-       Toni: Where do students go to do that?

-       Joel: Plant Services.

-       Jessica: This needs to be discussed with Brad Lau.

-       Brandon: This will be coming out of the community life fund?

-       Wes: This is our last week.

-       Josh: It could be easier until we have more information.

-       Marissa: Should we table it?

-       Wes: we are tabling it and coming back later in this meeting.

-       (Brad Lau comes in)

-       Brad Lau: The new rules regarding transportation is that if it is a university-sponsored event, the group must use campus vans. The university has a connection with Enterprise car rentals with whom we are covered with insurance. Also there could be an “approved drivers list” for personal vehicles, but we would rather you take a campus van.

-       Wes: So therefore, we can’t really pass this unless it provides for a campus van. Well actually because it is only asking for gas we cannot reimburse unless it was for a campus van.

-       Joel: Yes.  

Call to Question: Margaret

Seconded: Bryan

Motion Fails: 0-7-0

4.6 LHC showing Univision’s “Meet the Candidates” – Sergio Cisneros

Proposal: The LHC would like to host two showings of Univision’s “Meet the Candidates” at the Cultural House. The event is taking place on two days: September 19 and 20. Jorge Ramos and Maria Elena Salinas will be moderating a presidential discussion revolving around Latino issues like immigration, employment, education, etc. We are asking for $30 to help fund for refreshments and appetizers.


-       Toni: I think this is really cool and its open to all.

-       Josh: yeah I like it.

-       Wes: Its going to be advertised to the whole school too.   

Call to Question: Josh

Seconded: Toni

Motion Passes: 7-0-0

4.7 HMS Chariot Challenge - Danny Rodriguez

Proposal: We would like the ASC Community Life Fund to cover a $30 value of decorations for each floor’s chair in the upcoming Chariot Challenge event. In addition we would like the Community Life Fund to cover the cost for the wheels as well as for the screws needed to attach the wheels.


-       Toni: This is very creative. How many people are in HMS?

-       Josh: Its about 150 - 180 people.

-       Marissa: This sounds fun. You get to decorate a recliner.       

Call to Question: Margaret

Seconded: Marissa

Motion Passes: 7-0-0

4.8 CLF: Beginning of the Year BBQ – Delissa Severson & Justin McClain

Proposal: This event will be a barbeque on the lawn at Lewis Apartments the day after the Main Event. The purpose of this event will be to bring together all of the Lewis residents for the first time to meet one another and start developing relationships. Total approximate cost: $145.64 (approx. $3 per person).


-       Josh: How much money do we have left?

-       Brandon: We have about $350 left in our special community life fund budget.

-       *** Due to technical difficulties, the rest of this discussion has been lost. If you have questions please contact the ASC President at

Call to Question: Toni

Seconded: Josh

Motion Passes: 7-0-0

4.9 CLF: S’mores Night – Monica Scigliano & Sam Carlos

Proposal: A brother/sister floor s’mores night at the fire pit for about 20-30 people; about $29 needed.


-       Josh: I like these small proposals.        

Call to Question: Josh

Seconded: Toni

Motion Passes: 7-0-0

4.10 CLF: Ice Cream Social – Rachel Arias

Proposal: To have an ice cream social for the sophomore girls of Coffin 3 West and East. We desired to create some time and space for the girls on both floors to get to know each other and relax on a Friday afternoon. $11.80 would be needed.


-       Margaret: This looks good.

-       Josh: I like it.        

Call to Question: Josh

Seconded: Bryan

Motion Passes: 7-0-0

4.11 Ski Club Proposal – Luke Giesecke

Proposal: I would like to have a small beginning of the year pre-season get together of all the new (and old) members of Ski Club. I was planning to have a Pizza and a Movie night on Campus; rent out a class room and use it's projector to watch a ski related film with some pizza. Will need between $50-$70.


-       Josh: This doesn’t have an exact date and it isn’t specific enough.

-       Toni: I agree.  

Call to Question: Bryan

Seconded: Josh

Motion Fails: 0-7-0

4.12 Sociology Majors Retreat – Emily Grace Cropper

Proposal: An overnight weekend retreat for Sociology majors, to facilitate and foster the growing community within this specific major.


-       Josh: does the whole policy come into question with the gas again?

-       Wes: We could amend or we could have them rewrite to include university vans.

-       Josh: What fund will this come out of?

-       Wes: Probably the academic pursuit fund, which now has 18K$

-       Toni: If you can only use it once does it apply to everyone on this?

-       Wes: I would say that is should be the organizer?

-        Bryan: But it should be an individual thing.

-       Wes: For now there is no specifications and

-        Joel: If you are getting too many teachers getting at this then that could be a problem.

-       Jessica: Well that is part of the fund they are supposed to find money elsewhere before looking here. We will need to know the names of the students that are going.

-       Toni: We need to tell them if its one time use for each person or just the one who rewrites it.

-       Jessica: Part of the apply for the fund is meeting with Wes and I and clearing up all the technicalities. Regardless if this is academic or not it could be from the community life fund.

-       Bryan: But it has to be student initiator

-       Toni: But, it could be thought up to the student.

-       Joel: We could be opening a can of worms with paying for retreats though.

-       Toni: When do you think they need to know by for the beach house?

-       Bryan: That’s not really our problem.

-       Wes: They need to meet with us to figure out how they could make this better.

Call to Question: Josh

Seconded: Toni

Motion Fails: 0-7-0

4.13 CLF: Food for Daughters of the King: Latina Fellowship Group - Karina Ramirez

Proposal: To fund cooking supplies to feed about 12 girls for our Latina Bible study group ($50.00).


-       Josh: We have enough money to cover this.

-       Joel: She could be estimating, because cake mix is not $10 for two boxes.

-       Wes: Well when she turns in her receipts she could get up to $50.

Call to Question: Josh

Seconded: Marissa

Motion Passes/Fails: 7-0-0


Elections (dates, table?)

Voter Registration

iPad Guidelines (Use and Requirements)

Finalize Budget:

            Call to Question: Josh

            Seconded: Toni

            Budget Passes: 7-0-0


- Fridays at Brewin' Grounds (Previously, know as the Foxhole) will be every Friday.

- Change calendar dates for Lip Sync

- Wes: Notify Emily Grace Cropper about the Sociology Retreat

- Let Kelly know when to meet with your committees.