ASC Minutes: 09-24-2012

ASC Minutes: 9-24-2012




Monday, September 24, 2012

5.1 PRAYER: Brandon 

5.2 Committee Updates

5.3 CALL TO ORDER: 3:50pm

5.4 ROLL CALL: Jessica. Everyone is present.


5.5 Committees Facilities Committee

Proposal: ADA Sub-Committee; Financial Aid Committee; Creation Care Committee; Aesthetics Committee; Academic Appeals Board (2 student reps required); Athletics; IRB: Animal Care Sub-Committee (2 student reps required); Library; Scholarships (undergraduate); Undergraduate Admissions


-       Wes: You can see in the new business section that there is a list of committees needs one student to sit in on meetings. These are pretty low commitment ways to get involved.  

-        Toni: I don’t know what they are.

-       Joel: They are standing committees that would like student input. They all meet with different frequencies. This is a way students can give their thoughts and feelings about situations.

-       Toni: Are they just sitting in?

-       Joel: No they would be participating.

-       Toni: Where is the information about this?

-       Joel: Online, and Karlyn Flemming can give information about any of these.

-       Wes: The goal is to have these positions filled by next week.

-       Joel: Also recommend students that won’t flake on the position.

-       Josh: And if no one fills them, we have to fill them?

-       Wes: Someone has to fill that.

5.6 Election Appeal – AJ Mendoza

Proposal: Add an Assistant Community Service Coordinator position to the Christian Services Director Staff to oversee the Adopt-A-Grandparent program.


-       Wes: I have sent a new updated list of our email correspondence between AJ and mostly Bryan. He made some good points we can assess for next time but we need to decide what to do for right now. So look it over and we can discuss what we are going to do because we can expect a formal appeal to come.

-       Josh: so basically we are not accepting his appeal because SC has to address it?

-       Wes: The SC goes through the appeal and because there is still no SC we can’t vote on it.

-       Bryan: Plus on top of that he has to be a candidate to appeal.

-       Wes: Well he said he was a write in candidate, but did he ever write himself in as a candidate?

-       Bryan: No.

-       Toni: I think we need to respect his purpose behind bringing this up.

-       Bryan: But at the same time I do not understand why he is bringing this up. I understand there are some problems, but I wanted him to give us some grace with tis trial and error process.

-       Toni: But I think he is right, because I don’t think it’s good to fill in random bubbles of people we do not know.

-       Bryan: That’s why I told him it will be changed for next time.

-       Marissa: I agree with the points we are making, but it seemed like he wanted to pick a fight with us. Even with Brewin’ Grounds, it’s hard because everyone is going to have different opinions.

-       Wes: When are club applications due?

-       Jessica: October 2nd. It gives us all time to make sure all the paperwork is in good form and then Stephanie can recommend it to Joel and he’ll approve it and then it comes back to us. We will do it the way the constitution states. We require that the lifestyle agreement be bolded in the constitution, and with some clubs they left that out and it created problems. Just like the people that are voted for they have to be in good standing with the University.

-       Wes: University good standing is?

-       Joel: Well it refers to the lifestyle agreement and if you have any citations.

-       Josh: How does that look in relation to clubs?

-       Joel: Well we make sure it will not be a danger to other students or clubs. Brad Lau is not happy about a lot of the changes that have happened with Student Government and clubs.

-       Margaret: What is his history with Student government?

-       Joel: Well he was a part of the Supreme Court while he was a student.

-       Marissa: Are we the first central committee to come in and change things?

-       Joel: Yes.

-       Jessica: We are making sure there is a difference between support and a club.

-       Bryan: We need to encourage things to happen on this campus.

-       Wes: We will put some meaningful input into this voting but when the time comes.

-       Bryan: This is something that could evoke some passion on campus so we can bring all that info back potentially.


President Baker – Wed. night 6:00-7:00pm in Lemmons 8

Voter Registration  - during Lunch; three more time slots left to fill

iPad charging and Kiosks?


Upcoming Events

            Homecoming Nominations first week in October

Homecoming week – October 21st – 27th: Dress up during the week and prepare to be at the Variety Show and Family Bingo.

            Run-Off Election on Wednesday 8am-8pm for Commuter Representative

            Brewin’ Grounds Grand Opening on Friday, September 28th

Email Kelly your new committee list so it can be put on the website.