ASC Minutes: 10-01-2012

ASC Minutes: 10-01-2012




Monday, October 1, 2012

6.1 PRAYER: Bryan.  

6.2 Committee Updates   

6.3 CALL TO ORDER: 3:50pm 

6.4 ROLL CALL: Jessica. All are present including Joel.


6.5 APF: Sociology Majors Retreat – Emily-Grace Cropper

Proposal: An overnight weekend retreat for Sociology majors, to facilitate and foster the growing community within this specific major.


-       Wes: I met with them on this. It went really well. It is being lead by Emily primarily, Melanie Hulbert will be involved, but Emily is heading it up.

-       Josh: Is this the same as a couple weeks ago?

-       Wes: Yes, but a couple adjustments were made. They also took out their driving expenses because they were unable to get university vans.

-       Josh: 13 people total. It will be about 45$ a person.

-       Toni: So this is from the Academic Pursuit fund?

-       Wes: Yes.

-       Margaret: How much is in that fund?

-       Wes: 18K and it was increased for things like this.

-       Toni: Well if it under the $50 line then I think it is good. Are they paying anything?

-       Wes: Yeah, I think they are paying for their gas.

Call to Question: Josh

Seconded: Toni

Motion Passes: 7-0-0

6.6 Support for Race for 2025 – Mary Owen

Proposal: I (Mary Owen) propose that ASC provide $45 towards my registration fee

($160) for the Wycliffe USA Race to 2025. I am part of a four-person team that will be representing George Fox in this year’s Montana Race (October 12-14).


-       Jessica: I think that we take into account the new academic pursuit fund criteria that we can try to give her all $675.

-       Josh: Ryan Legg and I decided we could give money from our budgets towards this.

-       Jessica: I think we could do the same for Mary as we did for other APF requests and we know that she was seeking funds outside us.

-       Josh: We had this conversation with Mary and I think this would be the best route.

-       Jessica: She wants this to be a continual thing and she’s just trying to find funds wherever she can.

-       Toni: I think it’s a reasonable thing and I think it’s good.

-       Jessica: I think its something we should do too. We could bring back the original proposal by amending this proposal to $400 for the full team.

Motion to Amend: Josh (To provide $400 for the full team, not just Mary Owen.)

Seconded: Toni

Amendment Passes: 7-0-0

Call to Question: Josh

Seconded: Toni

Motion Passes: 7-0-0

6.7 Constitutional Review: Clubs Article XVI – Jessica Stanton


-       Members of Central Committee is reading through the ASC constitution


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