ASC Minutes: 10-08-2012

ASC Minutes: 10-8-2012




Monday, October 8, 2012

7.1 PRAYER: Group.

7.2 Committee Updates  

7.3 CALL TO ORDER: 3:46pm

7.4 ROLL CALL: Jessica. All are present including Joel.


7.5 International Club NBA Game – David Thurston

Proposal: To provide transportation and cover half of the tickets’ fee. We plan to go to the

Houston Rockets’ NBA game to watch Jeremy Lin play. The total amount we will apply for is

$717.48 dollars for this event.


-       Well already we have an issue with the cars and gas.

-       I told them to break down all their costs.

-       But $32.00 are the good seats, we could amend it to cheaper seats.

-       But with the gas we could technically pay for it because the liability thing is not in place yet.

-       But we have to stay consistent with our previous rulings.

-       So we could tell them we can cover just ticket costs.

-       The international club is very good at using the funds.

-       My goal was to use the fund and then propose for more funds when we use it all.

-       I feel that it should be at least $10/person or only pay for their tickets.

-       How does everyone feel about just covering costs?

-       Good.

Motion to Amend: Marissa (the cost up to $480 to cover the costs of tickets)  

Seconded: Toni

Amendment Passes: 7-0-0

Call to Question: Josh

Seconded: Bryan

Motion Passes: 7-0-0

7.6 CLF: Holy Ghost Weenie Roast – Christopher Lee 

Proposal: This event will be an all east side event, which includes Houses and Apartments East, Coffin, and HMS. All of the residents will be invited. We will be roasting hot dogs. We will also be having games, music, other food, and activities. This will bring together all classes on the East side into one community and give a chance for those in houses and apartments to connect with the dorms and vice versa. This would be for $400.00.


-       How many people usually attend the Holy Ghost Weenie Roast? Do they actually cook hot dogs?

-       Yes, it is similar to the mustache bash.

-       They expect about 500 people, which doesn’t seem realistic.

-       So its $400 for 500 people?

-       I bet 500 people won’t go.

-       Well I think $400 sounds reasonable.

Call to Question: Josh

Seconded: Toni

Motion Passes: 7-0-0

7.7 Club Review – Stephanie Abdulmajid

Proposal: Approving Student Organizations (Clubs) for either Provisional, Chartered, or Renewal Chartered status.

Discussion and Application Status:

-       Provisional Status:

  • College Democrats of America (CDA)
    • Dyvisha knows her application is pending upon a signature from her advisor.
    • Is there a limit of how many clubs we can have?
    • I think we can have only have 15 chartered, but this is provisional and we have less than 15 chartered.
    • I don’t think we should make any exceptions. The last thing I would want to do is make an exception now and not make an exception later for someone else.
    • Can they apply again?
    • Well we had a deadline that the paperwork had to be in last Tuesday by 5pm and they knew that. But it is unclear in our policy manual and unclear in the constitution.
    • But there’s nothing that says you can’t reapply next week?
    • It’s unclear but we had a deadline. But she knows that her application is pending.
    • Call to Question: Bryan
    • Seconded: Josh
    • Application Fails: 0-7-0
  • College Entrepreneurs of Oregon (CEO)
    • Call to Question: Margaret
    • Seconded: Toni
    • Application Passes: 7-0-0
  • Common Ground
    • We are going to give everyone two to three minutes to give his or her opinions on this application.  
    • I don’t have much to say, but I am 100% in favor of this club. They have read through the constitution, they know the rules if they were to step out of line. I just feel this is a good thing to have on campus.  
    • Looking through their constitution, I think they have all their material and if it just based on this I would be for it. Regardless of the donors and some of the students may be upset by it but by their constitution I am for it. However, they seem to be very manipulative in the way they have gone about things. They want to be noticed by the university, but they are not going about things in a good way.  
    • I disagree right off the bat. Diversity does not agree homosexuality, which they say is part of the diversity. You can push reconciliation, but this is not something that is helpful to George Fox.  
    • Just from my observance, I have become aware of the language and leaving things open when it comes to politics. Its hard to discern to what they mean. Just through the way they have gone about things and fostering that trust, I don’t know, I just question what may come of it.   
    • I would agree that on paper it looks really nice. I would like to see them work with Brad Lau this year without any titles and if the future generation wants to carry it on that would be great. But I would be interested to see what the club would be like when the president is gone next year.  
    • I agree with what someone has already mentioned. So I’ll just leave it with that.  
    • There is just a lack of clarity of what the group will be doing and their tendency to push boundaries and give out advocacy materials. I too would like to wait a year and see what happens. We would also be the first university in CCCU to recognize something like this as a club so it would be on a bigger plain. The university would not like to support this right away because it is more than just student level.  
    • It has taken me a while to come to an answer, but I am reserved because this is beyond any authority or influence that I can make. But at the same time being reserved because these are students that we are present with. Therefore, I am not informed.   
    • This for me has been very hard. If I haven’t had any interactions with this club before reading this application I would think it would be seamless. However, I think that this needs to be something that is talked about equally on both sides. I have a hard time separating AJ from group, but when the advocacy materials were with group at the Club Fair* and the group did not make the judgment calls. I would vote no based on my interactions with the group and I would like to see the group and the university to work together rather than have their agenda’s but heads.   
    *It should be noted that the ASC advisor, Joel Perez informed ASC during the proceedings that Common Ground did not put out materials during the club fair, but met with them prior   to the club fair and informed them that they could not put out the material they were originally planning on disseminating. They adhered to the request made by student life. 
    • Obviously I am outnumbered, so I don’t know what I could say to change anyone’s minds.  
    • I am in favor of the application, but their need to be a mending of the relationship they have with the university. That relationship is not healthy.  
    • If were saying that homosexuality is not part of diversity then why are they allowed to attend the University? We can’t equate the club with one person.  
    • But it is about the leader who leads the club.  
    • I work over the clubs and have someone who works under closer and me with clubs and I think it would be hard and unfair for us to have to monitor their events and meetings as a club. We want to see our peers do well, but I don’t think its fair to put the two of us in that place of authority.  
    • I agree with you about diversity. Even though the LGBTQ population is small on campus I think they need to be represented. Especially, because there were other group members giving out advocacy materials it shows that its not just one person.  
    • I think we have to let God work with this situation and not pass it as a club yet.  
    • But, I am willing to take the responsibility of having this club.  
    • I think what they would do without being monitored is clear though. There is not enough trust that has been established.   
    • Common ground will continue to meet regardless. Our decision here is not to say if they will meet or not, but if we put our seal of approval on their organization. Our job is not necessarily to monitor them. In my opinion, I don’t think it’s a good reason to not agree because of the work it will bring you. But I say no because of how they have acted previously.
    • I want to make it clear to them that I want to support them but it’s the advocacy that’s the problem.  
    • That’s exactly what Brad’s talked about.
    • I think they deserve a chance for the application – what they have provided us.
    • With provisional status they don’t have access to our funds so should that matter?
    • No I don’t think that matters.
    • I agree that the application is good, but I don’t understand why they haven’t gone about this in a good way.
    • In my mind I parallel it with Abide, so then I don’t see why Common Ground needs to be a club because they already have funding.
    • I could understand wanting the schools stamp of approval on the LGBTQ community, but I think they have done too much damage to themselves and I think they need to amend that.
    • Call to Question: Josh
    • Seconded: Margaret
    • Application Fails: 1-6-0
  • Nursing Club
    • Are we saying that anything that wasn’t turned in by the third then its late?
    • Not if she gives them an extension.
    • Seems like they are waiting on a faculty member and they have been in contact.
    • How is this different from the first one we failed?
    • Well this one had an official extension and they met that extension.
    • Call to Question: Josh
    • Seconded: Bryan
    • Application Passes: 7-0-0
  • Sophilo
    • Sophilo and Quaera Verum seem like the same club.
    • But one is affiliated with philosophy and one isn’t.
    • Why not though?
    • Call to Question: Bryan
    • Seconded: Marissa
    • Application Passes: 7-0-0

-       Chartered Status:

  • Accounting Club
    • These clubs have access to the GO Fund, which is the club fund.
    • He made sure his stuff was turned in on time.
    • Call to Question: Josh
    • Seconded: Bryan
    • Application Passes: 7-0-0
  • Black Student Union and Alliance (BSUA)
    •  I think its cool.  
    • Are they allowed to have a dance?
    • They did two years ago but not last year and in place of that we fund their talent show.
    • But did they turn this in one time?
    • Did they get an official extension?
    • Yes they had until Friday and they met that deadline.
    • Call to Question: Josh
    • Seconded: Bryan
    • Application Passes: 7-0-0
  • International Justice Mission (IJM)
    • Call to Question: Josh
    • Seconded: Margaret
    • Application Passes: 7-0-0

-       Renewal Chartered Status

  • Hawaii Club
    • I love the Hawaii club.
    • To perpetuate the spirit of Aloha!
    • Call to Question: Josh
    • Seconded: Toni
    • Application Passes: 7-0-0
  • International Club
    • Call to Question: Toni
    • Seconded: Josh
    • Application Passes: 7-0-0
  • Latino Heritage Club
    • Call to Question: Josh
    • Seconded: Bryan
    • Application Passes: 7-0-0
  • Psychology Club
    • I think this is one of those ones we have to give another week.
    • She submitted the paperwork late though.
    • But they had months to do this? But they have the signature now.
    • So she met the second deadline.
    • Call to Question: Margaret
    • Seconded: Toni
    • Application Passes: 7-0-0
  • Quaera Verum (QV)
    • Call to Question: Josh
    • Seconded: Margaret
    • Application Passes: 7-0-0
  • Sigma Zeta
    • Do they go to the official honor society?
    • Yes they are part of a national organization.
    • Call to Question: Margaret
    • Seconded: Jessica
    • Application Passes: 7-0-0
  • Ski Club
    • Call to Question: Josh
    • Seconded: Bryan
    • Application Passes: 7-0-0
  • Social Work Club
    • Call to Question: Brandon
    • Seconded: Margaret
    • Application Passes: 7-0-0
  • Voices of Praise: Gospel Choir
    • Call to Question: Josh
    • Seconded: Brandon
    • Application Passes: 7-0-0


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