ASC Minutes: 2-11-2013


Monday, February 11, 2013

18.1 PRAYER: T. Snyder   

18.2 Committee Updates 

18.3 CALL TO ORDER: 4:23pm

18.4 ROLL CALL: All are present including Joel, with the exception of T. Snyder who has to leave early.


18.5 ANF: NWAT Conference – Craig Lee 

Proposal: To receive funding form the Academic Need Fund through ASC to attend the Northwest Athletic Training Association Conference.


-       Outcomes

  • It would be less than $200 a person

-       Decisions

  • It’s a good proposal

Call to Question: B. Yoshihara

Seconded: T. Snyder

Motion Passes: 5-0-0

18.6 ANF: Intercultural Conference – Yae Chan Shin 

Proposal: Student leaders of the Intercultural Conference Committee, would like to put on an

Intercultural Conference for the spring of 2013. This conference would bring together both the majority culture and underrepresented students on-campus and develop a deeper understanding and perspective of diversity issues.


-       Outcomes

  • We are putting on this conference in the spring on campus.
  • They have not received funding from places elsewhere as of recent.
  • They are not sure about what a budget will look like.

-       Decisions

  • They have looked for money elsewhere even though they are asking for a max amount.
  • This is for all of the GFU students not only those proposing.
  • They want to make it free for on campus students.

Call to Question: J. Riedel  

Seconded: B. Yoshihara

Motion Passes: 5-0-0

18.7 Constitutional Amendment: Article XVI, Sections 2 – 6 – Jessica Stanton 

Proposal: Removal of Provisional Status from the ASC Constitution and other additions.


-        Decisions

  • This would mean clubs get approved through ASC Advisor.
  • This means there would also be no provisional status clubs so clubs would already be chartered and will be able to receive funding from ASC.
  • These decisions protect Central Committee from liability issues.
  • These decisions can still be discussed it just flips the order of who sees it first.

Call to Question: B. Kasler

Seconded: J. Riedel

Amendment Passes: 6-0-0

18.8 ANF: Society for Research on Child Development – Elizabeth Dunas

Proposal: I am proposing funding to cover housing and an attendance fee to attend a psychology conference in Seattle, WA. I have limited budgeting for this but am able to cover food and transportation.


-       Outcomes

  • They have generously given in the past of this year.

Call to Question: M. Vogt

Seconded: J. Riedel

Motion Passes: 5-0-0


Table Reservations


February Leadership Talk – Tuesday, February 19th, 6:00pm, EHS 102

            Chief Innovation Officer – Regency